A Simple Approach to Living With Less

Frozen Feet, a Thankful Heart, and a Listening Ear

Like much of America, we have had some insane winter weather here in Georgia. It has been nearly a solid week that we have been iced in. Yep, not snowed in. . .literally iced in. Our half-mile driveway is completely impassible. So we have been hibernating by the fire, cooking up some homemade goodies, and the kids have enjoyed zooming down the driveway hills on makeshift sleds.

A Big Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has downloaded my first book, The Minimalist Within. I have loved hearing feedback from many of you who read it. I was really nervous about releasing a book when there are so many others out there. Your comments have been very encouraging to me. Thanks again to Steve Johnson for the gorgeous photos included in the book.

It was so much fun putting all the pieces of the book together and seeing the final creation. Writing my first book has really ignited a fire inside me to want to write more.

Your Input is Awesome

I am working on my next book which will be a longer and more depth look at minimalism for families. Before I get too far along in where I think I want the book to go, I want to take a moment to get more of your input.

The last poll I did on Minimalist Moms revealed that over 75% of my readers were just getting started on their journey to minimalism. I’m curious if that’s still the case and find out what topics you’re looking for in both a book and future posts here.




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photo by omster-com

Article originally published on 01/14/2011

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