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Sharing the Love and a Peek into the Future

With all the holiday happenings and lots of fun family time, my writing here will be lighter than normal for the next few weeks. Since I’ll be taking a sort of digital sabbatical from blogging here, I wanted to leave with a BIG thank you to everyone that has commented here on Minimalist Moms. It is because of you that I enjoy writing and why I’ve been working on some big plans for the future.

In case you’re looking for some new blogs to read, I’ve included blog links to folks who have commented here. I’m certain you’ll find some great new treasures and insights. It’s just my little way of sharing the link love.

My Loyal Readers:

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on my blog. Everyday I am thrilled to know that I have readers who keep coming back to see what I have to say. It’s actually very humbling. For those of you that have contributed to the conversation here, I really appreciate your thoughts and input. You keep me thinking on my toes and looking at the world with fresh eyes. You help me grow and for that I am incredibly grateful.

My Minimalist Peeps who have shared their insights here:

Marc from minimalistfreak.com

Stacey from mnmlistmother.com

Meg from minimalistwoman.com

Rachel from theminimalistmom.com

Jenny from minimalismdefined.com

Tanja from minimalistpackrat.com

Ayesha from practicalminimalist.blogspot.com

Eric from elevatedsimplicity.com

Jo from simplybeingmum.wordpress.com

Freedom from rethinkingthedream.com

Jurino from jurino.com

Guys brave enough to comment on a “Mom” blog:

Steve from stevenkgriffin.com

Scott from scottkostolni.com

Jeff from expatyourself.com

Bernie from getoffthiswheel.com

My Fellow Bloggers that share their comments here:

Bernice from livingthebalancedlife.com

Clara from theeducatedlife.com

Abbie from thewilsonsjourney.wordpress.com

Jill from mamaloafblog.blogspot.com

Amy from journeymum.com

Sarah from teachafish.blogspot.com

Jill from jill-foleyjourney.blogspot.com

Jan from justawandering.blogspot.com

Meagan from thehappiestmom.com

Becky from rayandbecky.com

MJK from myfinancialtrek.blogspot.com

Crisa from cristina-gabriela.blogspot.com

Lisa from greenwoodfarms.blogspot.com

Vanessa from getsimplifized.com

Cheryl from sweatpea6797.typepad.com/my_simple_spot

Jenny from ignoremyramblings.blogspot.com

Mercedes from myfinancialtrek.blogspot.com

Cynthia from agirlwalksintoablog.blogspot.com

Jesse from survivingnarcissism.com

Robbie from going-green-mama.blogspot.com

Prerna from themomwrites.com

Kelly from lifeonourterms.wordpress.com

Laura from urbanmayberry.net

Jen from momalom.com

Deb from kommein.com

Merry from merrymakes.blogspot.com

Jaime from everythingidreamed.blogspot.com

Christin from joyfulmothering.net

Kaisha from kaishasimmonsphotography.com

Catherine from loveandfolly.blogspot.com

A Peek Into the Future

During my break I’ll be working on some big projects. Here is just a sneak peek . . . more info will be coming soon.

  • Minimalist Moms will be moving to a new home.
  • The site will be getting a brand new look.
  • A free ebook will be coming out on how to get started with Minimalism.
  • A more in-depth ebook on Minimalism and Family is coming soon as well.

With all these changes coming, now is the time to let me know if there’s something new you’d like to see around here. Anything goes. . .topic ideas, questions about minimalism, comments on the site, changes you’d like to see. I am here for you! So feel free to leave a comment here or use the Contact page.

Stay tuned for more and have a great holiday!


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photo by chidsey

Article originally published on 12/17/2010

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