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Update on Tiny Retirement House for My Grandmother

I get lots of requests for updates on the Tiny House project for my grandmother on our family property. So here it is…finally!

I was very torn about sharing the follow-up for one main reason:

I am not comfortable recommending the company we bought it from.

I still consider it a great deal in terms of price: It was $16,000

That’s a lot less expensive than most new, custom-built to our requirements tiny houses.

Knowing that I didn’t want to recommend the builder we used, I also didn’t want to bad-mouth anyone either.

Find out up front how you will handle things with the builder when problems happen like:

– The kitchen sink leaking on the very first day

– All the wood walls inside of the house aren’t sealed

– The shower leaks inside the wall and runs under the linoleum floor

– The AC unit isn’t sealed

– The house isn’t level properly or safely

Make sure you do a lot of research on your tiny house builder. Get recommendations from satisfied customers and owners of tiny houses and spend some time on tiny house blogs and forums.

Still a Great Idea for Retirement

I still recommend getting a tiny house for a grandparent or someone retiring. My grandmother loves being so close and my daughter gets to see her every day this way.

We built a porch on the front of the house that is free-standing. But you could also build a ramp for anyone having difficulty with stairs.

I don’t have any pictures filled with furniture, unfortunately. My grandmother is one step away from being featured in a hoarders episode (ok, a slight exaggeration), so I decided to post pictures with the house empty.

It is my hope that they will serve as inspiration for you or a fellow tiny house enthusiast.


View from Outside of Tiny House

Kitchen in Tiny House

Kitchen in Tiny House



View from Bathroom

View from Bathroom

Loft over Bathroom

Loft over Bathroom

Bedroom Area

Bedroom Area

Front Porch We Built

Front Porch We Built

Article originally published on 06/22/2015

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