A Simple Approach to Living With Less

Letting Go of Your Not-So-Favorite Clutter

I was rocking my three year old daughter yesterday afternoon. We were singing and snuggling. As she hugged me as hard as she could, she looked up at me and said:

“Mama, I love you sometimes.”

I couldn’t help myself and just starting laughing. As the youngest in a household of 10, she often chooses words she doesn’t yet comprehend.

When I thought about it later, it struck me that our clutter problems can be like that. We tend to hold onto things even though we just love them sometimes.

Whether we’re talking about clothes, pictures, books, collectibles, toys, electronics, or kitchen gadgets only keep the things you love ALL the time.

When it comes to our stuff, you’re allowed to pick favorites, choose sides, and use some tough love. Holding onto things we only love or use some of the time is the major cause of clutter in our homes. Maybe it’s time to make some tough choices.

What are the hardest things for you to let go of?

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Article originally published on 01/17/2012

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