A Simple Approach to Living With Less

The Ferris Wheel of Clutter Just Ain’t Fun

Ahh, the ferris wheel. The classic entertainment venue of fairgrounds everywhere.

On the first ride to the top it’s great fun to look around and see how far you’ve come.

The second trip up is still new enough to keep up the excitement, but not quite as momentous.

By the fifth or sixth time around you’re just wondering how many more times you have to go around until the ride is over.

The Clutter Cycle

It’s the same way with the clutter cycle.

It feels awesome to do the first big purge of junk around the house. You can look around at all you’ve accomplished and it feels great!

Then you find your progress slowing and the little messes creeping in again, but you tackle it head on and reclaim your decluttered space.

When it happens the next time around, it may get harder and harder to stay motivated.

The hard truth is that the ride never really stops.

My Personal Clutter Ferris Wheel

Truthfully, I should have known better.

I should known that my own quest to minimize would never end. Where does all this clutter keep coming from anyway?! Like anything that requires upkeep…if you ignore it too long it will become overwhelming all over again.

We aren’t quite drowning in clutter like we were when we moved in with my family almost three years ago. But things around here could definitely use some more minimizing!

  • We’ve moved some rooms around, I’ve had one brother go off to the college and one brother move back home.
  • My grandmother moved into her tiny house on the property, yet a good amount of her stuff decided to hang around and keep us company.
  • It has also become painfully obvious that our teen son nearly teen son have a definition of what a “clean room” looks like that is drastically different than mine.

So I’m Back

So I’m here talking about minimizing and getting my own motivation to remove more clutter out of the house. I love writing so here I am. My mom always says that girls need to talk it out to work it out and that makes good sense to me. It helped me to write here when I first headed out on our minimalist journey to living with less.

So here I am. Ready to ramble away about kids, clutter, and everything in between.

So how’s it going with you?


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Article originally published on 01/28/2013

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