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Faith Janes, Author at Minimalist at Home - Page 2 of 31
A Simple Approach to Living With Less

Not Enough Jelly for My Bread: When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

I can’t stand too much butter on my toast. On the rare occasion when I eat a piece of bread, it has to be a certain way.  It must have a perfectly thin layer of butter that has enough time to totally melt into the bread. If there are big globs of butter perched on […]

Clutterers Anonymous: Stop Denying Your Clutter Problem Today

If your house is more cluttered than you like, you have more stuff than you need. If you have a hard time finding an item you lost, then you have too much stuff. If the thought of cleaning your house tires you out, perhaps you need less house with less stuff in it. Sounds pretty […]

Minimalist Traveling with Young Children

Editor Note: This is a guest post by Jurino Ignacio from Jurino.com

The #1 complaint we, “minimalist bloggers” get has to be: “Minimalism only works for 20-something, single guys – it would never work when you’ve got a family (especially with young children).” Well . . . I’m sorry to burst a bubble now, but many of us actually do have families. Joshua Becker has two young children. Faith Janes has three. Leo Babauta tops us all off and has a family with six children. I’m right there with them and have two (very) young ones to take care of. We’re all minimalists. Surely, none of us owns “only what fits in a backpack”, but we all get comments on how we’re different from most people when we have company over.

Packing Light for a Family Vacation. Plus, an Announcement

It is a personal goal of mine to pack as little as possible when we go on family vacations. I used to pride myself on taking anything and everything we could possibly need for a trip. But now I get excited with how small our bags are and how empty the van is when we […]

Ask the Readers: What are the Hardest Things to Get Rid Of?

In your pursuit of simple living, what has been the hardest thing to get rid of?

Do you struggle with emotional attachments to sentimental items?

Is it more challenging to pare down your children’s toys?

Perhaps it’s deciding what hobbies and pastimes you should keep and which to give up.

Is it the everyday clutter that has accumulated over time that is the hardest to deal with?