A Simple Approach to Living With Less

Clear the Counters & Clear Your Mind

I cannot stand to have cluttered counters. Bathroom counters, kitchen counters, and basically any flat surface in a busy home just seem to magnetically attract things. It is one of the continual battles we fight in this house. If I lived alone I wouldn’t have to worry about such a silly little thing. But since […]

How to Have a Minimalist Family Christmas

When I began my journey into minimalism, dealing with Christmas, the gift giving and receiving, and the crazy holiday schedule was really hard for me. Making the decision to declutter wasn’t hard. Once I realized our quest to accumulate was actually stealing our family time from us, I had no problem getting rid of clutter. […]

The Great Video Game Detox Experiment

I have a love-hate relationship with video games. To be more precise, I love to hate video games.

I cannot stand the mind-numbing effect it has on my kids. I detest how turning on a game essentially means turning off your hearing so good luck getting a gamer’s attention. I hate the time wasted.

I have two boys, ages nine and eleven who absolutely live to play video games and this is not a good thing in my book. For the most part, they don’t understand my negative feelings towards video games.

Rage Against the Mess

Sometimes you just have to get angry!

“I can’t stand this mess anymore!”

“I am so sick of all this junk!”

“Enough is enough!”

Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever spoken those words or had those feelings, then you are definitely not alone! Often all the planning and good intentions to declutter won’t get you as far as just jumping in and attacking the mess.

When Your Passion Fire Fades to a Flicker

Exhaustion. Discouragement. Frustration. Distraction. All these things and more can lead to the loss of the “on fire” feelings we once had. In my opinion, it’s just simply not possible to keep up a high intensity level for our passions, our daily pursuits, or even for our relationships. If your fire had faded somewhat, don’t […]