A Simple Approach to Living With Less

I Am Considering Closing My Blog

Well, the post title sums it up pretty well. You may have noticed that I didn’t post here at all last week. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, sulking, and pondering lately about all the things I spend my time on. One of the things I’m evaluating is this blog.

Sharing the Love and a Peek into the Future

With all the holiday happenings and lots of fun family time, my writing here will be lighter than normal for the next few weeks. Since I’ll be taking a sort of digital sabbatical from blogging here, I wanted to leave with a BIG thank you to everyone that has commented here on Minimalist Moms. It […]

Frozen Feet, a Thankful Heart, and a Listening Ear

Like much of America, we have had some insane winter weather here in Georgia. It has been nearly a solid week that we have been iced in. Yep, not snowed in. . .literally iced in. Our half-mile driveway is completely impassible. So we have been hibernating by the fire, cooking up some homemade goodies, and […]

Toot Your Own Horn Contest

Let’s face it. Not everyone you know will be as excited with your minimalist progress as you are. Not everyone can appreciate the joy you experience when you clear out a junk drawer or consolidate six boxes of band-aids into one. To some people, getting rid of your clothes or even your car just causes […]

In Search of the Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I spent about six hours baking all kinds of holiday goodies. From lemon bars to Rolo thumbprints to all kinds of cookies in between, we cooked and taste tested our hearts out. Today the kids and I are watching a Christmas movie marathon. The goal of all this: to encourage the Christmas spirit to […]