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Don’t Forget to Celebrate the Victories

“Go Clean Your Room!” is an overused phrase in our house. I say it way too much.

Some days I wonder if my kids room will EVER stay clean longer than 8 hours at a time.

But just the other day, there was a huge victory at our house! And I mean HUGE….like had to stop what I was doing and call my husband on the phone HUGE!


My boys, currently 10 and 13, decided to clean their room all BY THEMSELVES! Yep, meaning without it being my idea or bugging them at all.

AND they even locked me out of their room so it could be a surprise for me when they were done!


I couldn’t believe it! No, it wasn’t perfect. But it was a far cry from the last time I cleaned their room by myself and locked THEM out of it. Maybe, just maybe, some of what I’m trying to teach them is sinking in.


So, that’s my Minimalist Mom Victory of the Week. I like the sound of that. Maybe I could get some trophies made up.

Nah, then that would be something else to dust and nobody wants that.

How about a virtual High Five instead?!


Got any victory stories to share? 

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  1. congrats!! That’s awesome!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Bags of clothes at the front door ready to be donated!
    A great feeling!

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