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Link Love: Clearing Clutter

I came across some great links on clutter this week so I wanted to share them in a sort of wrap up post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have any clutter clearing links to share, feel free to add them in the comment section.

Video Link Love: Extreme Clutter

I have no idea how long this show has been on, but I was so fascinated when I came across an episode link for Extreme Clutter. I’ve seen Peter Walsh on other organizing shows but wasn’t aware of this one. The episode below is with former child celebrity, Mackenzie Phillips, and it really shows how her addictions spread to her need for clutter. (If you’re reading this in your email, click here to go watch the video.)

Article Link Love:

9 Common Myths about Clearing Clutter
by Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project

Gretchen includes some myths of de-cluttering that make it harder than it needs to be.

25 Things to Throw Out Today
by Paul Michael from Wise Bread

Some nice motivation and list of junk you can get rid of right now.

Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter
by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits

A very thorough post on eliminating clutter. He covers motivations to simplify, simplicity principles, and 10 ways to get started. A great read.

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Article originally published on 01/20/2012

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  1. I am enjoying the daily posts. I find that I read more regularly when there are regular posts. When people drop to once or twice a week I tend to skip them all together.

  2. What an amazing episode of that show! I’ve never heard of it, either. I’m really happy for Mackenzie. Hard to believe they did all that work in 2 days. I hope it “sticks.”

  3. Awesome links! My husband and I watched the ‘Extreme Clutter” episode together, both of us moved beyond words. We have substance abusers and hoarders in our extended family, so it was inspiring to see someone break through all of that and step forward in life. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the link to such an inspirational show. I grew up watching “One day at a time” and it is nice to see Mackenzie moving on from such a hard life. I very much enjoy the daily posts. I don’ get a lot of quiet time in my day- I’m a homeschooling mom too- and I find a little inspiration goes a long way towards helping me stay true to my goals for myself and our home. Thank you!

  5. Can’t check it out now as have Kids to drop at various places, but hoping I can watch this show. Sometimes I can’t access US shows. I love watching recovering hoarders make break-throughs – gripping stuff!
    Regarding posting daily I stopped doing this as I actually lost readers when I did it (I would do it from time to time). I now post 3 times a week on my blog which can make it tough making a decision what to post about – but the answer for me was to post daily on Facebook instead (sometimes 3-4 times a day). This has worked well and my readership is growing as are comments. I try very much to make my blog a meeting place for conversation, and this style of posting seems to work. Whatever you decide to do I’ll keep reading! Have a fab weekend!

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