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Minimalist Moms Favorite Reads This Week

This a collection of my favorite things I’ve read this week. Several of them this week focus on the upcoming holidays. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Make Christmas Clutter Free with Consumable Gifts
by Jessie Leigh at Money Saving Mom

Consumable gifts are a great way to have something to put under the tree to rip open on Christmas morning, without cluttering your home or the homes of others.

5 Tips for a Minimalist Thanksgiving
by Lesa Bellevie at The Minimalist Path

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this seems like a good time to think about how to simplify the holiday. This year’s watchword for me is “frugality,” so I’ve given some taken some time to figure out how to apply it to Thanksgiving.

How I Redefined My Holidays
by Tanja Hoagland at Minimalist Packrat

We sat on that couch together and examined what we used to like about holidays and what we didn’t like now. It was time for some new behaviors. We wrote out a list of things we didn’t like, things that caused us stress. We also wrote out a list of how we wanted to celebrate instead.

Paring Down
by Leo Babauta at mnmlst

One of the things I love about minimalism is that it doesn’t end. You don’t get to a minimum of things and say, “I’m done.” It’s a constant paring down. And that’s a good thing.

How to Destroy Our Past Live (Starting Over)
by Everett Bogue at Far Beyond the Stars

The world changes. We evolve into new and better individuals every single day. The choice though is this: will you continue to build up your energy in order to focus on the person you were back then? Or can you let it go, to concentrate on the faces around you now?


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Article originally published on 11/13/2010

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  1. Thanks for these links–I especially liked the one about creating the type of holiday season you want–not the one other people want.

  2. This is an excellent collection of posts.. While I’d read some – Leo’s and Everett’s, the others are new and very relevant. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Faith,
    Some great posts and some great bloggers listed here!
    I am on “round 2” of becoming minimalist. First time around we called it voluntary simplicity! I have made progress so far, but still have A LOT to go! As we approach the holidays, I am curious as to how I will approach them. In the past, I hated to decorate (even though I like a decorated house) because I had so much other clutter around. I am hoping to get lots of this stuff out of here, so that I CAN decorate and ENJOY it!
    Have a great week!

    • Funny you mention the decorating. I was just thinking about the fact we need to get rid of lots of decorations. There are so many we have just collected and not really loved. Now with two households in one, there is PLENTY to get rid of. I’m looking forward to taking is slow and enjoying the decorating this year by only using what we love and then get rid of the rest.

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