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Minimize Yo Butt Wrap-Up

Today is the end of the Minimize Yo Butt 6-week Fitness Challenge! Yeah, we made it! Congrats to everyone who participated!! I really enjoyed meeting new faces and going through this challenge together.

I’ll be posting the winners of the prizes on my Facebook page later today.

My Results

I lost a total of 8 pounds during Minimize Yo Butt! It’s not as much as my original goal but I am happy that it was in the right direction. I haven’t seen a decrease in my weight in a very long time.

I did not take any beginning measurements at the start of the challenge. My two favorite ways I’ve tracked my results are:

  1. My husband said my butt looks smaller. He’s always honest with me (even when I don’t want to hear it) so I’m happy with his evaluation of my booty.
  2. My jeans fit great…even after they just got washed! You all know how jeans have two sizes: nice and stretched out OR nice and clean but painfully tight. I’m enjoying this result a lot!

My Approach

I managed to launch this challenge during an extremely busy time in my life. I did not do a very good job at exercising during the challenge, but I did manage to switch my diet over to about 90% Paleo.

I like to keep things simple. Paleo keeps my eating simple so it’s worked well for me. Now that I have a better handle on my eating, I feel like I can move on to focusing on exercising more. I’m sure I could have lost more weight but I’m not going to beat myself up about that. Perfection is never the goal.

My Next Steps

Doing this challenge was a great way for me to focus on my health. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t paid attention to my health in a long time. Because of this challenge, I’m more committed than ever to keep getting healthier.

A big “THANK YOU” to Bernice for sharing about the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” It’s a fascinating movie about the health benefits of juicing and how we should be focusing on a better balanced diet. I watched it twice in one day and even had my kids watch it for part of their school day. Because of it, my husband, mom, sister, and I are all planning to do a juice fast to detox and reboot our system.

You can watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix or buy or rent it on Amazon. I’ve included the trailer below:

My husband and I plan to do an extended fast to shed some extra pounds. I’ll be sure to share my results on the Facebook page along the way.

Happy Birthday

Wednesday is my birthday and next Thursday is the first birthday of my blog! So in honor of both occasions, Minimalist at Home is getting a makeover. I considered taking it down for maintenance but I’ve decided to just make the changes live. Don’t get worried if things look different next time you come for a visit and please forgive the mess. I’m very excited about the new things to come! As always, I want to thank everyone who comes here to read and share your comments. I wouldn’t be here without you.

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  1. Congratulations on losing eight pounds Faith! I lost 4.5 pounds over the course of the challenge. Like you, I lost less than my original goal, but I am so happy with the healthy changes this challenge have forced me to focus on.

    And here is a kooky coincidence — Kirk and I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night! How weird is that? As a result of that documentary, I’m planning to do a juice detox in the coming weeks as well (we don’t have a juicer right now). So, I’m super stoked that you’ll be sharing your experience with the juice detox on your FB page!

    Like the man in the documentary, I feel like I’ve been more focused on my wealth than my health, so it’s time for Kirk and I to make our health a top priority again.

    Thanks so much for this MYB challenge — it truly helped me get back on the right track.

  2. Oh, and happy early birthday too. 😉

    I’m excited to see the changes to your site!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss! Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead inspired my husband and I to do a 10-day juice fast. We broke it up into two work weeks – allowing us to participate in the social events we had already scheduled on the weekend. I lost 8 pounds. This week we are juicing for breakfast and lunch but eating a normal dinner. And I’m hoping to continue the weight loss. Good luck with your journey.

  4. Wow! We’re done already? Congratulations on your success, Faith! I can claim five pounds of weight loss, but I’m even happier with having gotten back into exercising regularly. My eating habits have also changed. Cutting out most grains and drastically reducing my sugar and salt intake has definitely improved the way I feel. My basket at the market looks much prettier, too. I love all of the colors, and it’s fun to see how pretty my plate can look when it’s time for a meal. Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. It’s my Dad’s also – so out for the day with the grandparents and kids so may not check in.
    Congrats on the 8lbs. I achieved my goal of fitting in the same pair of jeans but a size smaller. In fact (and I hope this doesn’t come across as though I’m showing off – but managed to get in them week 4!) will update my facebook with the photos!

  6. Congratulations Faith and Happy, Happy Birthday to both you and your blog!

    I watched that documentary while I was doing your Minimize Yo Butt. It was the best documentary I’ve seen for motivating me. The transformations the two guys go through is amazing, and it definitely took a lot of hard work.

    I’m still having ups and downs with my goals, but I’ve quit smoking and I haven’t slipped up on that. If that’s the only health goal I accomplish this year I’ll still be ecstatic!

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