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Being out of shape is like living in a cluttered home or being in debt. Typically, it happens a little bit at a time and once it’s a problem we struggle to reverse the damage.

I never used to worry about things like eating right or exercising. Growing up I could eat whatever I wanted and my weight always stayed the same. Even after giving birth to my sons in my early twenties, my body still went back to normal pretty quickly.

Apparently as I’ve gotten older, my metabolism has “left the building!” My weight still doesn’t fluctuate very much but the number it stays at has slowly crept higher and higher.

Time to Minimize Yo Butt

The clutter part of minimalism has certainly had its challenges, but for the most part I just needed to make a decision and get rid of the mess.

I’ve made decisions to get into shape in the past, but I haven’t progressed very far. Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences in your own life.

Well, I’m tired of it! I was having a pep talk with myself the other day. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “It’s time to Minimize Yo Butt!”

Support & Accountability

Sharing my journey to minimalism has been both beneficial to me by keeping me on track and motivational to others who are on a similar path to simplicity. Hearing from other people who were decluttering has also been incredibly encouraging to me as well.

For the “Minimize Yo Butt” challenge, support and accountability will be a vital piece of the puzzle. I’ve reached out to other friends and bloggers to share helpful articles and keep us all motivated.

You’ll see a lot more posts here at Minimalist at Home and we’ll be checking up on everyone through the new Minimalist at Home Facebook page as well.

A Taste of What’s Coming

The 6-Week Minimize Yo Butt Fitness Challenge will begin Monday, July 18th!

Here’s a little preview of what’s coming:

  • Rachel from Minimalist Mom will provide us with some free workout routines and resources.
  • Jenny from Ex-consumer will teach us about transitioning to a gluten-free diet.
  • Robert from Untitled Minimalism has some neat insights and experiences with alternate-day eating.
  • Daily motivational tips will be posted on the Minimalist at Home Facebook page.
  • There will be plenty of resources on healthy eating and exercising.
  • Prizes will be a fun part of the challenge as well.

More details will be coming soon. All updates will be posted to the Minimalist at Home Facebook page and you have to “LIKE” the page to be eligible for the prizes. I hope to see you there!

Are there any areas related to diet and exercise that you struggle with? Is there something you’d like to learn more about? If you’d like to share in the comments, I’ll make sure we cover it during the challenge.

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Article originally published on 07/04/2011

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  1. Love this! Can totally relate to the “steady weight” creeping upwards as my age does the same (am turning 37 this year).

    I have actually lost about 15 lbs this year by focusing on sugar intake. Did a 30-day sugar abstinence and lost 10 lbs just from that. Even when I was exercising almost every day I didn’t see those results. Am aiming for about 10 lbs more and I’ll be quite pleased (am not hoping to look like a bikini model, just to feel comfortable in my body)

    Reading about mindful eating has helped me tremendously to stay on track – am slowly beginning to prefer the taste of fresh food to the processed one (the psychological aspect definitely helps).

    Would also say that seriously cutting down or eliminating (at least for a few weeks) alcohol really should help. The empty calories of alcohol are of course a known problem, but additionally – at least for me – one just become so careless about what we eat after a drink or two (not to mention the next morning…)

    Anyway – very much looking forward to reading more along those lines from you 🙂

    • Faith Janes says

      I’ll be 34 next month and I’m tired of complaining what age has done to me.

      Congrats on the 15 pounds! That’s great! Do you try to cut out sugar completely? Or just keep it to a certain amount?

      • Well for 30 days I tried to cut it out sompletely, i.e. all candy, cake/pastries, ice cream, sugared soda, etc. I did eat things like ketchup and other items I do know are high in sugar. The focus was on making a change I could live with in the long run, without it being too limiting (i.e. eat like a ‘normal person’, whatever that is) I also allowed myself some chips if I was dying for a treat. It wasn’t all that hard – my office was usually the worst temptation (people here are BIG on chocolate, dessert, etc).

        After that I *tried* not to go overboard, but you do tend to fall quickly into the whole sugar-thing again. It’s just *everywhere* around you, people offering you something sweet.

        I have managed to maintain my weight while not being too strict about the sugar thing, but will definitely do the absitnence thing again. I just need to focus on one thing at a time, and for now it’s no alcohol (stopped 3 weeks ago and haven’t really decided if/when I’ll start again).

        What I really need to add is some form of exercise – I’m terrible about claiming I don’t have any time, etc. Which is of course a total excuse. I told myself I’d start running in the summer, but I live in Iceland and our “summer” thus far has been cold and wet, so not too encouraging. Again, excuse – I know 🙂

      • Hey! I’ll be 34 next month too Faith. 🙂

  2. Don’t have a problem with the butt; however, I need to minimize my belly, which is even worse! Look forward to the tips!

    • Faith Janes says

      I told my husband that “minimize yo butt” can apply to anything about your body you want to change. Sort of like “move yo butt!” 🙂

      Glad to have you in board…the tips are coming!

  3. So true, Faith. Nutrition and fitness are just like clutter and debt.

    Excited to be part of this challenge and benefit from our pooled motivation and accountability!

  4. Yay for this challenge! I can so totally relate. I can remember back in high school when I couldn’t give blood at a blood drive because I didn’t weigh enough! That certainly isn’t the case now. I really need to get things under control and stop this slow creep of pounds. I’ve also challenged myself to run a 5K in the fall, so that should help as well.

    • Faith Janes says

      The creeping of pounds is so discouraging, isn’t it? Yet, I want super fast results in losing it. Not quite a recipe for success. 🙂

      Good luck with the 5K. That sounds like a great goal!

  5. I really need this Faith! As I said in our previous conversations, I plan to drop the 10-15lbs I’m still carrying around from my last pregnancy. Considering my youngest will be turning two in two months, it’s time for me to kick it up a notch.

    This challenge is just what I need!

    • Faith Janes says

      I’m so glad to have you on board, Jenny. I think 10-15 pounds is totally doable in 6 weeks.

  6. Don’t forget a little weight lifting. The higher your body muscle mass is, the more efficient your body burns calories. That is why you always see lots of weight lifting on the “Biggest Loser”. Concentrate on the back and upper leg muscles at first, these are the largest muscles in your body. A good way of increasing your muscle mass quicker. I’ve lost 35 lbs in the last year and a half. I blogged a little about it.

    Good luck Faith!

  7. Hi Faith – Only just picked up on this. I have just started training for a half marathon in Oct, so great timing. Will definitely be keeping updated and on track. Happy to share any info also. I have a very simple routine called my 6&6. 6 exercise sessions a week (3 cardio and 3 strength training – from home and all very minimal – running and kettlebells/dumbells) and 6 simple meals a day. Good luck with it all! Jo

    • I had a thought after commenting… one thing that may be of interest is how I cook for a family of four and incorporate my 6 small simple meals, so that firstly I’m not cooking a variety of meals and secondly so that I am eating with and like the rest of the family with some adaptations. In fact this may have inspired a post! Thanks Faith!


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