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Moms Standing Up for Minimalism

When I started writing about minimalism last year, I didn’t know of any other minimalist moms online. When I first heard about minimalism, I felt like a light had been turned on inside my head and I was so excited about it that I just wanted to share it with everyone. I didn’t see any other moms that were writing about minimalism back then, but I am so excited that there are more and more minimalist mom blogs popping up all over the place.

I follow a lot of minimalist blogs and many of them aren’t written by moms and I still thoroughly enjoy them. But as a mom, there’s just something that I find comforting hearing about how other moms are battling the toy issues and the organizational challenges that come with being a mom and running a household.

A Fun New Project

Some of you may remember that I started writing about minimalism on my site, Minimalist Moms. That site began as my personal blog about my minimalist journey. At the first of the year I transitioned the site here to Minimalist at Home.

Recently I decided to turn Minimalist Moms into a one-stop-shop for the latest updates from other Minimalist Moms. It’s sort of an experiment really to see if anyone finds it beneficial. It’s nothing fancy or gorgeous, but I already had the website set up and just sitting there, so I thought I’d put it to good use.

The new home page has automatic updates from over a dozen different minimalist moms all in one place. I love to see what other minimalist moms are up to and this seemed like a fun way to do that. It saves me a ton more time than scrolling through my RSS feed reader. Plus, I get to see the latest 5 posts from everyone so I’m less likely to miss something.

I hope you’ll come over to check it out and recommend it to anyone you think might enjoy it. If you know of other moms who blog about minimalism and would like to recommend them, please feel free to contact me.


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  1. Wow- what a cool idea! And thanks for including me – what a nice surprise!

  2. I wondered how all this came about! And the name sounded familiar but I didn’t place it! Thanks for including me and I will share the word!

    • Faith Janes says

      It was a fun little brainstorm. I love it when things fall into place just right. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Bernice.

  3. This is such a great resource – wonderful idea!

  4. Thanks for the inclusion Faith – It’s an honour… I am planning on doing more reading, I’ve been doing a lot of ‘talking’ lately, and feel that I could benefit from really digging deep into some others blogs out there. This will be a great portal for me to do that! thank you again! Jo

  5. Oh, what an awesome idea!

  6. I like it Faith! You picked some of my absolute favorite bloggers in your screenshot. I’ll be stopping to check out updates in one convenient spot. 🙂

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