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Listed below are the books I’ve written about minimalist and simple living.

Book Cover - Beauty of Simplicity by Faith Janes The Beauty of Simplicity: A Photobook of Inspiration

The Beauty of Simplicity is a collection of gorgeous photography and inspirational quotes about simplicity.

So much of our daily lives are either too busy or too crowded that we miss out on much of what life has to offer.

This photo book is a reminder to slow down, set some priorities, and appreciate the beauty around us.


TimetoSimplify Time to Simplify: Practical Minimalism for Living with Less

More than likely you already know if you have a problem with clutter, being too busy, or continually overlooking your priorities. Sometimes you don’t know where or how to get started decluttering. Sometimes you just lose your direction and simply get tired along the way.

Time to Simplify is a collection of previously published posts focusing on the “why” behind living with less and how it can positively impact your life. It is divided into easy-to-read sections giving you the encouragement and motivation you need to live with less. On days when I get stuck and feel overwhelmed with reoccurring messes, I like to read selections from this book to remind myself of decision to live a minimalist lifestyle.


HouseholdSimplicity Household Simplicity: Practical Minimalism at Work for Your Home

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize your life is too messy and you’re simply too busy. Clutter has taken over your life! If you’re living with anyone else, their clutter and hectic schedules affect your life as well.When you reach that point of exasperation, you have a few choices. You can store it, stack it, stash it, schedule it, organize it, color code it, or you can actually get rid of it.

Household Simplicity is a collection of previously published posts containing both tools and motivation for tackling the messy areas of your home and practical steps for decluttering and organizing. If you are struggling with what to do with the trouble areas around the house this book will help you on your way to living with less. Also available in Audio and Paperback


Kids-and-Their-Clutter Kids & Their Clutter: Practical Minimalism for Challenging Messes

Attempting to live a simple lifestyle with a family and children can be challenging. A messy house and a hectic schedule seem inevitable when you are raising a family.

Kids & Their Clutter is a collection of previously published posts. It takes a practical look at the excess and clutter that can be eliminated from our children’s lives. It covers topics such as breaking your child’s attachment to toys, video game addiction, and understanding older children and their clutter. This book will give you tools to help lead your family on a journey to live with less.


LessMessMoreTime Less Mess, More Time: Practical Minimalism at Work

Less Mess, More Time is the largest collection of previously published posts here at Minimalist at Home. It includes ALL the books in the new Practical Minimalism series including:

  • Time to Simplify: Practical Minimalism for Living with Less
  • Household Simplicity: Practical Minimalism at Work for Your Home
  • Kids & Their Clutter: Practical Minimalism for Challenging Messes
  • PLUS a bonus chapter and worksheets previously only available with an Upgraded copy of Family-Sized Minimalism

If you are looking for practical tools and a motivational approach to living with less, this a great book to help you simplify your life.


minimalist_family_christmas_cover A Minimalist Family Christmas

A Minimalist Family Christmas is a 40-page guide designed to help you simplify your holiday season whether you are a minimalist or not. One of the most challenging areas to deal with on a journey to living with less is how to handle Christmas. The goal of a minimalist Christmas is to keep the meaning of the holidays without sacrificing your sanity, your finances, or your priorities.

This guide covers the topics of gift giving, minimalist decorating, simple family traditions, and more. It won’t tell you to just quit spending money and stop giving gifts to people. It will challenge you to rethink things and go into this holiday season with renewed focus.


family-sized-minimalism Family-Sized Minimalism

This is the book I was looking for when I was tired of living in chaos and clutter. Blogs and books about minimalism have popped up all over the place lately, but they don’t typically address families. Family-Sized Minimalism is the missing piece you’ve been looking for. This was my first book I wrote.

The pages of this book will share both my story and the stories of several other minimalist families. Whether you’ve been living a minimalist lifestyle for awhile now, or you’re just curious what it means and if it could really work for your family, this book has a message for you.

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