A Simple Approach to Living With Less

The Psychological Security of Stuff

I can always count on my kids to teach me important lessons. Tonight I learned a lesson from my two-year-old daughter on how holding on to stuff makes us feel secure. When I started my journey to minimalism, one of the first areas I decluttered was … [Continue reading]

A Bathroom a Minimalist Can Love

Today's target is the bathroom. It's amazing how much clutter can hide in even the smallest of bathrooms. My husband and I are currently sharing a bathroom with our three kids and my grandmother. The mess can really pile up when that many people are … [Continue reading]

How to Simplify a Not So Simple Life

"Pick two things and do them well." Those wise words are from my mother. She always taught me when life feels out of control to pick just a couple things to focus on. Some days those two things might be dinner and laundry. Some days it might mean … [Continue reading]

Understanding Older Kids and Their Clutter

I have two boys that are nine and eleven. They are not minimalists. They aren't even a little bit minimalist. I've tried my best. I really have. But it's just not happening. I've dejunked their room while they've been gone. I've even spent entire … [Continue reading]

Your Digital Life is NOT Your Life

My children don’t care how many Twitter followers I have. My husband doesn’t enjoy spending time with me simply because my subscriber count went up or people like my new website. It doesn’t improve their life or increase their love for me. My friends … [Continue reading]