A Simple Approach to Living With Less

10 Baby Steps to Minimalism

Baby steps will get you where you want to be if you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Like anything worth pursuing…you have to make the time if you want to see results.

I do not consider myself a “radical minimalist” in the traditional sense of the word. However, the change that is happening in my family IS very radical for us. Even stopping to ask the questions about what we’re buying, how we’re spending our time, and what our priorities need to be is a radical shift from how life used to be. Being convinced that this is the journey our family needs to be on is what keeps me taking those baby steps towards minimalism.

I love this quote from Joshua Becker’s book “Simplify”

“Our actions will always follow the true desire of our heart. What our heart believes and loves always determines the path of our life. We can mask our true wants for only a short while. Without a true heart change, we always return to our heart’s first love.

This truth applies to all areas of life: our energy, our time, our relationships, our spirituality, our money, and our possessions. Before any of us can simplify our homes and lives, we must be convinced that the lifestyle is worth our effort.”

If you’re able to take giant strides all at once, that is awesome! However, there are some baby steps you can take today as you journey towards the goal of having “Less” in your life.

10 Minimalist Baby Steps

  1. Shop Less –> Save More
  2. Watch TV Less –> Read or Talk More
  3. Drive Less –> Walk, Cycle, or Rest More
  4. Schedule Less –> Pursue Free Time More
  5. Argue Less –> Discuss and Respect More
  6. Worry Less –> Seek Peace More
  7. Organize Less –> Prioritize More
  8. Store Less –> Declutter More
  9. Work Less –> Unplug More
  10. Consume Less –> Give More

What actions will you take today to follow the true desire of your heart?