A Simple Approach to Living With Less

In Search of More Time

For me, the most important benefit born out of minimalism is TIME. Less time spent on the things that aren’t important and more time for the things that really matter.

Less of this:

  • Less things to clean
  • Less clutter to put away
  • Less running around to children’s activities
  • Less shopping
  • Less fussing at the kids

More of this:

  • More time as a family
  • More weekends for fun
  • More dates with your husband
  • More play time with the kids
  • More focus on things that matter
  • More rest and relaxation

So how do we lose the “less” and gain the “more?” We start by making choices and we look for the domino effect that comes from making those choices. Start by asking yourself, “Would I rather spend my time picking up 100 Hot Wheels and a pile of naked Barbie dolls or would I rather spend that time with my kids at the park?” When we choose one thing over another, that choice has a domino effect. If we get rid of that pile of cars and naked Barbies, then we spend less time picking up toys, and we end up having that extra time to take our kids to the park. It’s amazing how the small pockets of time start to add up when we aren’t giving it away to frivolous things.

I use the phrase Prioritize, then Organize a lot lately. It makes it so much easier to organize something if the important things have been given priority. Then the little things just fall into place easier. That principle applies to time as well. If family time is given priority, then it’s easier to make decisions on what to spend the rest of your time on.

In our house, having our kids involved in lots of outside activities like sports and countless birthday parties for other kids typically don’t make the cut when it comes to prioritizing our time. I don’t expect that things will always stay the same in that aspect. But if you don’t make a conscious choice in how you spend your time, then plenty of other things will come up to snatch it from you.

We can’t create any extra time in a day or add any extra years to our life. We can’t slow down how fast our kids are growing even if we wish we had more time to spend with them. We can’t put off spending time with our spouse until later so we can focus on the kids now. It’s all in how we choose to spend the time we have.

When it comes to time…Less really IS more.