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36 Ideas for Minimalist Christmas Gifts – Minimalist at Home

I’m sure it’s on your mind. Christmas is coming and we all want it to be a memorable time for our friends and family. It has surprised me how much more energy it takes to plan for gifts that are both meaningful and minimalist. It is much easier to throw another piece of plastic in the shopping cart, give a family picture in yet another frame, or pick up a candle gift basket for someone who’s hard to buy for. This year I want to go a different route.

Here is a list of my favorite gift ideas. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Dinner

2. Money

3. Knowledge (books or ebooks)

4. Opportunities

5. Coupons

6. Kiva Gift Certificates

7. Something made by You (poem, painting, etc.)

8. Tickets (concert, movies, etc.)

9. Massage (gift certificate or give one yourself)

10. Practical Gifts for around the house

11. Lessons (horse back riding, piano, etc.)

12. Plants or Flowers

13. Computer Software

14. Recipes

15. Homemade Bread

16. Music (iTunes, mp3s, etc.)

17. Kindle

18. Luxury bath items

19. Volunteer together

20. Share a meal together

21. Moleskine notebook

22. Pedometer

23. Homemade cloth grocery bag (this really appeals to my crafty side)

24. Cookbook (buy one or put together your own favorite recipes)

25. Care package

26. Services (babysitting, dog walking, etc.)

27. Financial Investments

28. Family Vacation

29. One big ticket item to share (trampoline, outdoor playset, etc.)

30. Room Makeover

31. Summer camp experience

32. Wireless digital frame

33. Donation to favorite cause

34. Bikes

35. Expandable gifts that can be added to later (train set, Legos, etc.)

36. Membership (annual pass to zoo, museum, amusement park, etc.)

So, go plastic free this year, and don’t go into debt in an effort to have a “better” holiday season. If you have some favorite clutter-free or minimalist Christmas gift ideas I hope you’ll share them in the comments below.