Hey! I’m Faith. I’ve been a minimalist since.. well, before I even knew what a minimalist was.

I really hate defining what a minimalist is, as sometimes a strange form of competition seems to arise. “You still have your television? Well, you’re not really a minimalist, then..” ?

There’s nothing worse than some preaching about what is and isn’t a minimalist, and then forcing others to agree with their own opinion.

I think that it’s an entirely personal journey, and minimalism can be slightly different for everyone. That being said;

To me, being a minimalist is twofold; firstly, trimming away the excess in life to make things clearer and more simple. And secondly, using the clarity attained by living a simple life to focus on what really matters and be more intentional in life.

– me

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to sell your TV or throw away your most prized possessions (although some may choose to).

It’s about helping you to stop feeling overwhelmed by things that don’t matter, giving you the power to achieve the things you truly want to achieve in life.

So, everything you read on Minimalist at Home will be written from my perspective, and entirely based on my own experience, as there are no strict guidelines to minimalism.

Just keep that in mind when browsing through, as there will be likely things that you disagree with or wouldn’t do yourself.. and that’s absolutely fine ?