A Simple Approach to Living With Less


Welcome, I’m Faith Janes.

I created Minimalist at Home to share practical advice for families interested in minimalism.

I am sharing my own experiences to help others discover the possibilities and calmness that minimalism can bring.

I truly believe that minimalism is for everyone. Everyone’s version of minimalism will look different. What’s radical change for you may not be radical for someone else, but the foundational truth of prioritizing what’s important remain the same. It has brought me such clarity about what’s really important in life. I know it can be a huge undertaking, but it is possible.

A Little More About Me:

  • I am a wife and homeschooling mother of two boys and one little girl (ages 13, 11, and 5). The main reason I decided to pursue minimalism was to make room for more family time. Our family is my highest priority and by removing clutter, I’m gaining back time with them that I had been missing.
  • We live in a combined household of 10 with my parents, grandmother, and youngest brother and sister. Initially when we moved in together, there was nothing about our house that could be considered minimalist. In fact, it was the frustration of being overwhelmed with two houses worth of clutter that led me to search for a solution. We aren’t your typical minimalists but we’re prioritizing what’s important and working hard to get rid of the rest.
  • I also run our digital publishing and app development company from home. Life is still busy but juggling family life with an at home business is busy in a good way. I have my kids with me and we try to make intentional choices about the activities we spend our time doing. The goal is getting rid of distractions while pursuing more family time.

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