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How to Create Your Bedroom Oasis – Minimalist at Home

by Faith Janes

The state of your bedroom will deeply impact your last thought of every day and your first feeling of every morning. If you are surrounded by clutter, you will feel unsettled while a clear space facilitates calmness.

I love my big family, but if I didn’t have my bedroom to escape to I would quickly lose my mind. If my bedroom isn’t free of clutter, then I lose my little getaway of calmness.

Bedroom Clutter Comes in Many Forms

  • Laundry Explosion
  • Paper Clutter
  • Work Distractions
  • Closet Disorganization
  • Sloppy Shelves
  • Lost Toys

Clutter comes in many forms and can tricky to deal with, but there are certain steps to creating and maintaining your bedroom oasis.

Action Steps for a Bedroom Oasis

  1. Take immediate action. Stalling never works when it comes to conquering bedroom clutter. Whether it’s putting away laundry or dejunking your shelves, attack the project now or it will become easier and easier to overlook.
  2. Start with the Visible Piles. File the receipts off the dresser, trash the catalogs and magazines sitting in a pile, and get rid of the stack of clothes still waiting to be put away.
  3. Remove the Distractions. If you leave projects or work related items laying out in your bedroom you will unconsciously go to sleep feeling like you have something left to do. For better rest, keep the work out of your room.
  4. Conceal the Disorganization. Even the cleanest closets and bookshelves can have a disorganized feel to them. Keeping the mess out of sight can help. If you aren’t able to keep the contents concealed behind doors, consider hanging curtains or adding a privacy screen.
  5. Uncover as Much Floor Space as Possible. Creating more open spaces will add to the serene feeling in your bedroom. Look around your room with a critical eye and consider removing any extra pieces of furniture or downsizing the pieces you already have. We have decided to switch from a king size bed with a bulky frame to a queen size platform bed with storage underneath in an effort to gain more floor space. I can’t wait for the transformation.
  6. Make Simplicity the Goal. From choosing simple room decorations to removing knick knacks, keep simplicity as your focus. Choose things that are meaningful to you and serve a purpose rather than things that just take up space.
  7. Be Proactive. Don’t wait for your room to get cluttered before you take action. It is so much easier to take a few minutes throughout your day to put things away and stay one step ahead of the clutter. Waiting until the mess is unavoidable is incredibly discouraging and distracting.

Do you have any tips to share on creating a bedroom oasis? I’d love to hear them in the comment section.


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photo by Spanishale