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Bubbly Personality Meaning: How to Identify a Bubbly Person

A bubbly personality is a commonly used term to describe some of the people in our life. Though, not everyone knows exactly what a bubbly person is, and how we can identify them amongst all the people that we know. We’re going to look at all the attributes that someone with a bubbly personality is said to have.

What is a Bubbly Personality? Meaning

Generally, people with bubbly personalities are filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and laughter. They are considered to be extremely energetic, with an infectious vibe that brings up the mood of everyone around them.

Their warm personalities automatically invite people to be their friend, and it’s generally considered to be a good thing. A bubbly person is generally an extrovert, although in some instances, introverts can be very bubbly with the right crowd.

You may be wondering how else can you determine whether someone has a bubbly personality. Let’s look at the most common reasons why someone may be referred to as “bubbly”, and how you can separate them from the crowd.

10 Signs Of A Bubbly Personality

You’re friendly with everyone

Probably the easiest way to tell whether someone has a bubbly personality is by telling how comfortable in any social situation, whether with close friends or complete strangers. Bubbly people find it very easy to make new friends, as they’re typically open and welcoming to everyone that they meet.

This is something that introverted people may envy, as they often find it difficult to make new friends – this can lead to them feeling like they lead a boring life. Bubbly people, on the other hand, usually find making friends much easier, and are less likely to get bored.

You’ve been told you get “too excited” about things

Many people may wonder why you have enough energy for even the most mundane of things. To introverted and shy people, this may seem like you’re overdoing it.

However in the vast majority of cases, almost everyone else appreciates the energy and life a bubbly person can bring in the dullest of times.

You Spend Your Energy On Your Goals Too

Some people think that bubble people spend all of their energy on useless endeavours like partying. Whilst it’s true that bubbly people do often like to party, they also manage to harness their bubbly energy into more useful things too.

People have a bubbly personality are often devoted to their careers, and they won’t let anything stop them from getting the bag. They may devote a similar amount of time to their goals as they do to being the life of the party.

You make people laugh

When you make others laugh, you are able to add a small piece of joy to their day. This is something that people with a bubbly personality do extremely well, whether they’re making small harmless jokes or simply smiling at everyone they meet.

What this does take is confidence, which is something that bubbly people tend to have in abundance. Whether meeting new people or hanging around with the same social circle, bubble people will find a way to make you chuckle.

You love to bring smiles to people’s faces

Not only do bubbly people make others laugh, they genuinely enjoy bringing a smile to someone else’s face. If you love to see others laugh and be happy, it could indicate that you’re this personality type.

It’s nice to lift someone up when they’re down, and it takes selflessness to do things for another person seeking nothing in return.

Become the Center of Attention

Whether they go out to become the center of attention or it’s just something that happens naturally is up for debate. However, it’s true that bubbly people gravitate to becoming the center of attention, as their nature means they enjoy having all eyes on them.

Most people prefer to stay out of the limelight, whereas others feel comfortable being the star of the show.

People mistake your bubbly personality for a lack of intelligence

The idea that bubbly people have a lack of intelligence is really born out of ignorance. It’s frustrating, but unfortunately this is a pretty common perception – that is totally wrong.

In fact, much of the time bubbly people are just channelling their inner child, which can make them seem like they are immature or less intelligent than they really are. However, if you actually sit down with someone of a bubbly personality type, you’ll soon realize that this isn’t necessarily true.

Always Loyal to Close Friends

It’s not nice to have someone criticize you, but being loyal means being truthful, and bubbly people are often some of the most loyal and trustworthy people that you’ll meet.

For example, a bubbly person will typically try and protect you if others are talking about you behind your back. Rather than embarrassing you, they will highlight how great you are in other areas in public – then speak to you privately about any actual issues. This is just one reason why you should try and keep bubbly people close to you.

You Don’t Stay Upset For Long

Part of having a bubbly personality means that you almost always have a positive outlook on life. This means that when adversity comes your way, you can ride the wave and find a way to turn a positive into a negative.

Much like Joy from Disney’s Inside Out, there’s a childlike innocence to bubbly people that helps them to stay positive, and keep looking for the bright side in every scenario.

You Always Focus on the Good in People

Some people may refer to this as gullible or soft, but one of the best things about people with a bubbly personality is that they always seem to find the good in people. Whereas pessimistic types may pick holes in everyone, a bubbly person will prefer to look for the positive attributes in people.

The truth is that bubbly people make great friends, and even though their high energy may be a little too much at times, they’re ultimately a great additional to your social circle.