A Simple Approach to Living With Less

How to Break Your Child’s Attachment to Stuff

Cluttered rooms. Stuffed closets. Overflowing toy boxes. Games. Gadgets…and more Does that describe your house? It certainly described my house not so long ago. Unfortunately I didn’t discover minimalism until my three kids were firmly attached to their toys. I can’t hardly blame them. I was attached to stuff too. So, what’s my #1 tip […]

Understanding Older Kids and Their Clutter

I have two boys that are nine and eleven. They are not minimalists. They aren’t even a little bit minimalist. I’ve tried my best. I really have. But it’s just not happening.

I’ve dejunked their room while they’ve been gone. I’ve even spent entire days walking them through the process of decluttering. I’ve explained the benefits of having less to clean if you own less stuff. Less cleaning and more family time seemed to have the largest appeal to them. So why is it that every time I go into their room it makes my poor, little, minimalist skin crawl?

Simple Pleasures and Living Like a Princess: Life As a 3-Year-Old Minimalist

There is more to being a minimalist than getting rid of everything. One of the great things minimalism does is bring to light the simple pleasures in life that are far too easily overlooked. Life gets busy and complicated as we accumulate possessions and obligations in life. But looking at life through the eyes of my three-year-old daughter, life doesn’t seem too complicated at all.

Your Child’s Messy Room is Your Fault

If you are struggling with what to do about your child’s messy room, the person needing a pep talk isn’t your child. It’s you. The word “fault” implies a sense of responsibility. Kids aren’t born with an automatic sense of responsibility. It’s up to us as parents to teach it to them. Do they need […]

Minimalist Target: The Toy Room

Christmas is coming. This year I plan to be more proactive with my planning, purchasing, and purging of junk around here instead of letting it sneak up and overwhelm me like most years. Every year I try to get rid of old, broken, and just generally ignored toys that have accumulated before more toys show […]