A Simple Approach to Living With Less

Clean It Up…or…Clean It Out

One of my major motivations for choosing minimalism was the realization that I spend a lot of my time cleaning up the same messes over and over again. I see the same toys on the floor, the same catalogs no one is looking at, the same drink coasters that no one uses, and the same decorative candles that never get lit. Yet, these things must be repeatedly picked up, organized, and dusted.

Growing up, my mother would tell us, “Don’t put it down…put it away.” I’m just tired of putting things away. Enough is enough! I realized that it comes down to a simple choice:

Clean it up (again)…or… Clean it out (for good).

I’m ready for the clutter to be gone and stay gone.  I have come to realize that if I spend a few moments and ask myself, “Do we really need this?” that I can clean something out of our lives and never deal with it again. That feels SO awesome!


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Article originally published on 09/14/2010

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  1. I really should do this as well.
    Clean it out…FOR GOOD!
    There are so many things that are in drawers that I havent used since we moved into this house 3 1/2 years ago. I think this weekend may be the time to start purging. Thank you for the motivation!

  2. Karen (Scotland) says

    Are you spying on me?! 🙂 I just gave all our candle holders to a charity shop last week, along with all the wine and other drink glasses that haven’t been used since, well, some of them, ever.
    We’re just so fed up of moving things from one cupboard to another looking for the perfect storage solution when, in reality, that’s all we do with the stuff – store it.


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