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Clutterers Anonymous: Stop Denying Your Clutter Problem Today

If your house is more cluttered than you like, you have more stuff than you need. If you have a hard time finding an item you lost, then you have too much stuff.

If the thought of cleaning your house tires you out, perhaps you need less house with less stuff in it.

Clutterers Anonymous: Dealing with a Clutter Problem

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Are there exceptions to the statements I made? Sure, absolutely. Not everyone’s situation is the same. But in most cases they’re pretty accurate. If you found yourself wanting to disagree with my statements, you may be in denial. Keep reading.

The Hidden Areas Hold the Secret

Having kids around the house all day long creates a pretty messy house, and eventually, you’ll need to declutter. One thing I’ve picked up throughout the years as a mom is what I like to call “The Stash and Dash.” It’s my tried and true method of shoving toys and messes into hidden areas at a moments notice.

The “stash and dash” comes in handy when friends are coming, a prospective buyer is coming to see the house, or I’m simply trying to avoid my husband turning around and running away in fear after a long day at work.

The problem with the “stash and dash” is that it’s not a sustainable way to live. At some point having things look nice on the surface just isn’t enough.

A picked up living room is nice. A clean kitchen counter is impressive. But it’s those hidden areas in your house that tell the real story.

It’s the closets, the basement, the attic, and the garage that are the true test of your clutter situation. If those areas are a mess, then you’ve got too much stuff.

You can’t organize clutter. It just won’t work. I don’t care how many plastic bins, crates, or boxes you have neatly stacked in your basement. You’ve got a clutter problem.

Overcoming the denial is the first step. Like any 12 step program that leads to healing, admitting your problem is the first thing you need to do.

I’ll go first: Hi, my name is Faith and I have a clutter problem. As hard as I try, my kids toys and messy rooms are continually out of control. I’ve got to do something about it.

Now it’s your turn. You’re not alone. It’s friendly here at Clutterers Anonymous. What’s your clutter problem?