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9 Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to a minimalism, one of the best places you can start is with your bedroom. Creating a serene bedroom space with a minimalist vibe can make starting and ending your days enjoyable, reducing distractions and eliminating clutter completely.

What you opt for will be subject to your own personal style and preferences. Here’s some of my favorite minimalist bedroom ideas that show what you can do with your own space.

An All-White Bedroom

When people think of a minimalist bedroom, often the first thing they’ll think of is an all white room. This can feel cliche, but truthfully for some people it may actually be best.

This can include everything from white bedding through to white bedside tables. All white spaces can help your room feel larger than it actually is, so if you’re short in space then it can be a good idea.

Of course, this may not be possible if you have kids or pets around your home. But for single people or couples looking for the right minimalist aesthetic, keeping things all in the same color can work extremely well.

Gray & White or Black & White

If you want to add a hint of some dark colors into your bedroom, then it’s a good idea to go with a solid color like gray or black. Adding some black accents to your current minimalist space can be a good idea.

Accents can help to contrast against the other colors in your bedroom, and it can help to make a minimalist look become a little more interesting. White walls with black accessories can be a killer look.

Get a Low Profile Bed

Clean lined furniture is perfect for a minimalist bedroom, and switching to a low profile bed frame can be a great idea for two different reasons. The first reason is that a lower bed frame will help make your room feel minimalist – they’ve been a part of Japanese minimalism for many years.

The other reason is that when you have a lower bed frame, you can’t put anything underneath it. Those that have a tend to acquire more clutter often use the space below their bed to hide stuff, so this can be practical as well as attractive.

Abstract Art

With all minimalist bedrooms, things can get pretty boring if you don’t add some more personality into your room somehow. When you have fewer items to do that with, it can be difficult to do.

One of the best ways that you can do this is simply by adding some abstract into your home. These decorative items take up no real space in your home, and a painting or simple wall hanging can make a massive difference.

Consider your lighting options

The lighting in your minimalist bedroom is one of the most important things to consider. If you have enough natural light coming in, you may not need to worry about it as much.

However if you don’t, then table lamps or a standing lamp can add a soft glow to your room without feeling overpowering. The right table lamp shouldn’t cost too much, and when you place it on a side table you can make it the focal point of your room.

Upgrade your bedsheets

When it comes to your minimalist bedroom, your bedding is one of the most important things to consider. An additional accent pillow can add some extra contrast if you want to stick with plain white bedsheets.

Linen bedding can be a great idea here, especially if you opt to stick with one solid color. You can also opt for a bold pattern if you feel that your minimalist bedroom needs an added visual interest.

Introduce a New Plant

If you have a little extra space that you’re looking to fill, a plant may be exactly what you need. This can also work well in a minimalist living room.

Adding in a new plant on your coffee table or in the corner of your room could be exactly what you need if you want a minimal finish.

Exposed brick wall

Though not everyone is able to do it, one of the most simple bedroom ideas is for you to have one of your brick walls exposed. This adds character to your room without making it feel overwhelming.

Though brick can be a little much if you have a variety of different colors in the rest of your bedroom, if you stick to one color family then you should be able to create a minimalist look.

Do you

Though sticking within the same color family can be a good idea if you want to create a minimalist bedroom, it’s not a necessity. It’s important to design thinks exactly the way you want it, and use other minimalist bedrooms as influence – not essential.

Though white and beige tend to work well if you’re , you can also consider a dark color palette. This includes black, gray, bold blue and any other colors that you think you can make work.


Overall, each minimalist bedroom is going to be different from one another. Though bright whites and sparse furnishings, the main objective is to create a clutter free zone that’s enjoyable to live in.

Creating your modern bedroom should be more fun than it is a chore. So, have some fun whilst designing your dream room.