10 Essentials For Your EDC Minimalist Setup

When it comes to the home, it’s usually pretty straightforward for you to start decluttering and getting rid of the things you no longer need. However, it’s a little more difficult to do this for the things that you use on an everyday basis.

But every time we leave the house, many of us carry more than we really need to. This could be having a whole assortment of different things in your pockets – in this scenario, a more essentialist approach may be of use. So, let’s look at what your personal EDC might consist of, as well as exactly what Everyday carry means in a minimalist context.

What does EDC mean to a minimalist?

Everyday Carry, often abbreviated as EDC, refers to a collection of items that an individual carries with them on a daily basis. These are the items that a person considers essential for their daily life and routine, and are typically kept in pockets or bags.

Everyday Carry can vary greatly from person to person, depending on their job, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

However, common items often include things like a wallet, phone, keys, pens, notebooks, multi-tools, flashlights, knives, and personal health items. The concept of EDC is popular in preparedness and outdoor communities, with an emphasis on the utility and functionality of the items carried.

EDC items are often chosen based on their durability, compactness, multi-functionality, and usefulness in a variety of situations. There is a thriving online community of EDC enthusiasts who share their EDC setups and discuss the best tools and items to carry.

When it comes to minimalism, it’s important that we try and limit ourselves to the essentials – this mindset goes hand in hand with Everyday Carry, which is intended to ensure you have everything you need to have on your person. Minimalist EDC is about making sure you leave home carrying the things you’ll use on a daily basis.

What Everyday Carry Items Should You Opt for?

For someone with a minimalist approach to Everyday Carry (EDC), they would want to streamline the items to the bare essentials that serve multiple purposes if possible. Here are 10 items that might be considered essential for a minimalist:

1. Smartphone

A smartphone can perform a multitude of tasks, eliminating the need for many other items such as a camera, notebook, map, or calculator. It also provides access to emergency services, which is a must have in times of need, and with Apple Wallet or Google Pay you can even buy things with only your smart phone.

Some people opt to go with Apple – this makes sense if you’re a Mac user, as you can link your iPhone, Mac and other Apple devices together. For most of us in the present times we’re in, the smartphone is probably the most essential thing to have on us each day.

2. Wallet or Money Clip

Something to carry ID, credit/debit cards, and some cash is essential. Many minimalists opt for slim, functional wallets or money clips, as they take up a small amount of space in your pocket. The right wallet for you is essential, and this really depends on what cards and cash you typically have on your person.

If you’re a cash user, then you may want to look at a minimalist money clip that’s lightweight and easy to use. If you have various cards like your driving licence, credit cards, Starbucks cards and more, a solid minimalist wallet would be a better choice.

3. Keys

House, car, and office keys are typically essential in our daily life. A minimalist might opt for a key organizer or a smart lock to reduce the number of physical keys, as they’re going to be necessary for the vast majority of us. You can consider using them with something like an Airtag if you often end up losing your keys or misplacing them.

4. Pocket Knife or Multi-tool

A small, lightweight knife or multi-tool can be incredibly useful for a variety of everyday tasks. Just make sure to comply with local laws regarding carrying these items, as this can vary on the state that you’re living in. They tend to make a great addition to your EDC setup if you’re trying to be minimal, as they often have a variety of different functions.

5. Compact Flashlight

While most phones have a flashlight feature, a small dedicated flashlight can be brighter and more reliable. For long trips away from home, a flashlight can actually be extremely valuable for long and cold nights, or even when you’re out walking the dog in the evenings.

6. Pen

A compact, durable pen is always useful, whether for taking quick notes or signing documents. But actually, most of us don’t have a solid pen that can be used for any occasion. You also have the option of going with a mechanical pencil instead, which can be more comfortable if you end up writing for extended periods of time.

7. Watch

A wristwatch serves the practical purpose of telling time, and depending on the model, can also provide date, compass, timer, and other functionalities. Many people opt for a military style watch when it comes to EDC, as they’re usually waterproof and have a tough exterior that can survive harsh environments.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Given the emphasis on hygiene in today’s world, a small bottle of hand sanitizer can be a vital part of a minimalist EDC.

9. Portable Charger

For those who rely heavily on their electronic devices, a portable charger can be a life-saver. This is only going to be essential if you’re going away from home for long periods of time, like out into the mountains for a camping trip or something similar.

10. Tissues or wet-wipes

Useful for personal hygiene and in various unexpected situations. Tissues, or better yet wetwipes, can come in extremely handy for a multitude of different reasons. This is true from spillages in the car through to needing to clean your office desk, as you never know when they may come in handy.

These items offer a balance of functionality and simplicity for the minimalist, but individual needs will vary. It’s always important to consider one’s own daily needs and habits when choosing what to include in an EDC.


Overall, the truth is that the things each of us need as part of our minimalist EDC setup will vary. For me, as long as I have my wallet, keys and phone as the essentials, the other items can be left at home. Though, it’s a good idea to organize your stuff so that you can decide what you’re going to leave the house with every day.

Most of us want to stop wasting money on things that we barely use, and opting for the right Everyday carry setup can be a great way to get started.