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Family-Sized Minimalism is Now Available

Today is the launch of my book Family-Sized Minimalism. I am incredibly excited about this project. I feel like a proud parent ready to show it to the world.

In a nutshell, Family-Sized Minimalism brings the message of minimalism to families tired of living in chaos and clutter. It shows you how to put Less Mess…More Life into action.

Before I tell you a little more about the book, I need to thank the minimalist families that contributed to the book. Getting to read their perspectives on how minimalism works for them was one of my favorite parts of the book. I also want to thank my guest blog post writers. By sharing their posts here I was able to finish my book much quicker than I originally planned.

What Is Family-Sized Minimalism?

This is the book I was looking for when I was tired of living in chaos and clutter. Blogs and books about minimalism have popped up all over the place lately, but they don’t typically address families. Family-Sized Minimalism is the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Why Should You Buy This Book?

The entire framework of this book came from reader comments and answers to survey questions about minimalism and families. Whether you have kids or not—if you’re a family, I wrote this book for you.

What’s In It?

The pages of this book will share both my story and the stories of several other minimalist families. Whether you’ve been living a minimalist lifestyle for awhile now, or you’re just curious what it means and if it could really work for your family, this book has a message for you.


• What is Family-Sized Minimalism?
• The Less & More Benefits of Minimalism
• Applying Minimalism to Your Family Schedule
• Ways to Save Money as a Minimalist Family
• The Practical Side of Minimalism
• Dealing with Kids & Their Clutter
• How to Cope with Roadblocks to Minimalism
• Advice from 12 Minimalist Families including:

Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist
Courtney Carver from Be More With Less
Eric LaForest from Elevated Simplicity
Tanja Hoagland from Minimalist Packrat
Rachel Jonat from The Minimalist Mom
Jurino Ignacio from


Family-Sized Minimalism is 133 pages. It’s really pretty. You should take a peak inside:

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Finally, a guide to minimalism that everyone can benefit from. This is a book for people with seven bedroom, eight bathroom McMansions and those, like me, living in small urban homes. No matter where you are on your journey, or what your goals are, Faith provides a detailed how-to for tackling clutter in rooms, minds and schedules. Worried about what friends and neighbors will think when you start emptying your house? The benefits to embracing minimalism are listed and discussed in-depth. Thanks for the resources and inspiration! – Rachel from The Minimalist Mom

I just finished reading Family-Sized Minimalism and I loved it! What a great book, and a fantastic down to earth resource for families that are struggling under the burden of “stuff” in their lives. Throughout the book were many golden nuggets of wisdom and practical steps that could be taken immediately. I also really enjoyed reading about the experiences of other minimalist families. After reading Family-Sized Minimalism I am inspired and encouraged to continue on the journey to a more minimalist lifestyle for myself and my family. Thank you! – Laura from Who Is Laura

I highly recommend Family-Sized Minimalism for its unique voice in the minimalist community. It is refreshing to hear a family’s take on the minimalist life–a simpler, non-consumerist lifestyle is not the territory of only the young and single. This lifestyle resonates with families of every size, walk of life, and place in the world. Family-Sized Minimalism will bring more than just the “nuts and bolts” to anyone ready to abandon excess and embrace freedom. It lays out a great plan of attack and features real families in all stages of minimalism. – Gena from Hanuiloa


Family-Sized Minimalism:

  • How Minimalism Can Work for Your Family
  • Practical How-to Guide for Minimizing Clutter
  • Tips on Saving Money through Minimalism
  • Encouragement for Discouraged Minimalists
  • Interviews with 12 Minimalist Families
  • How Minimalism Can Work for Your Family
  • Practical How-to Guide to Minimizing Clutter
  • Tips on Minimalism Can Save You Money
  • Encouragement for Discouraged Minimalists
  • Interviews with 12 Minimalist Families
  • Practical Goal Setting Guidelines
  • Step-by-Step Menu Planning
  • Master Grocery Lists
  • Clutter Buster Questionnaire
  • and More

These are not your typical worksheets with a few blank lines on a page. These guides walk you through several key areas that are vital to running a minimalist household.

AND: Bonus Podcast by Faith Janes

“Minimalism, Schminimalism: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?”

This podcast focuses on the most effective ways to share about the minimalism to either those that are simply curious, or to someone you live with that may not share your minimalist views.

I am so proud of this product and have poured my heart into it. I feel confident that you’ll love it. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, I’ll happily give you your money back. Simply contact me at