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Feed a Family With Minimal Fuss

It’s challenging to feed a family of ten. When we go shopping for a week, it takes two people so they can each push a cart. One person mans the list and the other tracks the coupons we’re using. It is pretty amusing watching the cashier’s face and have them ask us if we’re having a party.

For any size family, it can be a chore keeping everyone fed. Organizing schedules, planning menus, and shopping take a lot of time and energy. When I saw the new book by Kelly Morris titled Just Get ‘Em Fed I was instantly captivated. Kelly is the mother of nine kids, so she knows first-hand the challenge of keeping everyone fed and doing it in a healthy way.

Kelly’s journey took her from a career woman who didn’t know the first thing about cooking, to a mom of nine able to balance a family and cook whole healthy foods without losing her mind or going over budget. It’s really a minimalist approach to cooking and menu planning. She provides a laid back approach to cooking and planning that focuses on the most important aspects and doesn’t stress over the rest.

Inside Just Get ‘Em Fed you’ll find great tips and recipes on:

  • Tracking Coupons
  • Organizing theme days and recipes
  • Creating awesome casseroles
  • Making meat stretch
  • Yummy pasta dishes from scratch
  • Chicken dishes for any taste
  • Using a slow cooker to save time and energy
  • Cooking comforting soups and more

Planning ahead is definitely the first step in tackling family mealtime. My mom and I have been planning 5 weeks worth of menus and plan to rotate the menus. We’re compiling the recipes, ingredients needed, and a shopping list for each week so we can pull the week we’re on and head to the store with minimal planning. We’re excited and hoping this will help us with one of the biggest chores around the house.

So, be sure to check out Kelly’s blog The Morris Tribe and download a FREE copy of her book Just Get ‘Em Fed.

If you have some tips on getting your family fed, please share with us in the comments.


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Article originally published on 01/10/2011

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  1. With a family of ten I can only imagine what shopping/cooking/meal times are like! As we’ve just shifted to a multi-generational family of 3 people I’ve noticed a big change. I can’t imagine multiplying it by 3 again!

    We’ve struggled with different food interests, eating times, and dishwashing schedules. What we’re doing right now is “cooking for 2” just as before and taking care of our own dishes. This seems to be working the best because Patrick’s momma doesn’t like my cooking and prefers to snack instead of prepare many meals. She also prefers to let the dishes stack up and do them all in one big dishwashing spree where we have the habit of washing items immediately after using them.

    Just carving out a little space in the pantry and fridge has been the biggest issue for us. We’re storing some food items and tupperware in our bedroom right now, which definitely ain’t ideal! Faith I’d love it if you provided more details on how you’re managing with your big multi-generational family. Does everyone eat the same meals at the same time? What about when someone doesn’t like something? Are there different zones in the pantry and fridge for different people? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks for the post, it hits home for me right now.

  2. i’m curious and intrigued by your new adventure of all sharing a house. i just recently found you… i wish i had some tips to share. there’s only 4 of us and it seems like all my systems have been breaking down lately! life is just crazy sometimes!

    i awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! head over to http://www.agoodandsimplelife.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award.html to check it out!

  3. I have a rather unorthodox tip for you… (taken from my wife’s book on how to live comfortably off 1 minimum wage) It sounds strange, but I promise it will work…

    “Pay more for less!” And no, that’s not a typo 🙂

    We’re often tempted, especially when we have multiple mouths to feed, to just buy the cheapest food out there. If we do, we’re able to buy MORE and eat MORE and spend LESS money. However, by settling for the cheap kinds of food, you’re often settling for ultra-processed garbage. And if you eat processed garbage, two things will happen:

    * You will not be satisfied and keep on eating
    * You get fat, inevitably

    So my advice is “pay more for less” – buy high-quality food, choose organic meat (it’s better to eat organic meat once a week than corn-fed, antibiotics-filled meat every day!) and enjoy eating small meals that WILL fuel you and satisfy you.

    It’s probably one of those “you never know until you’ve tried it”, because it seems to be completely irrational. Yet it works like a charm 🙂

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  4. I found a free ebook recently that had some great recipes in it. I’ll shot you an email with info.

  5. We’re always looking for good recipes, so I’ll check this out. We’re a family of three, so I’m sure we’ll have different needs, but I bet there are still some good tips that we can make use of. Thanks for sharing this.

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