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What does it mean to feel connected to someone? 10 Signs

There are times when you meet a person and feel like you have an instant connection with them. Like, you was meant to meet each other, and they enter your life at the perfect time.

Some people go their whole life without feeling this sort of deep connection to other person. So when you feel like you may have one, it’s important not to let them go. We’re going to look at some of the ways you can tell whether you’re connected to someone.

What does it mean when you feel connected with someone?

Feeling connected to someone refers to the sensation of closeness, understanding, or rapport with another person.

This connection can be emotional, mental, or even physical, and is often a significant aspect of meaningful relationships. There are several different ways that you may feel connected to them:

1. Emotional Connection: This implies a mutual understanding of emotions. You empathize with the other person, sharing their feelings, whether they’re joyful or sorrowful. You often understand what they’re going through without the need for them to explain in depth.

2. Mental Connection: This type of connection can be described as a meeting of the minds. You understand each other’s thought processes and perspectives, share common interests, and can engage in deep or intellectual conversations. You often find yourself thinking along similar lines and agree on many topics.

3. Physical Connection: In romantic relationships, this can refer to sexual attraction and intimacy. In non-romantic relationships, this can be expressed through comfortable body language, affectionate touches (like hugs or pats on the back), or spending time together in the same physical space.

4. Shared Experiences: When you have experienced similar events or circumstances, you may feel a connection with someone because you understand what they’ve been through. Shared experiences can also build connection through memories made together.

5. Trust and Safety: Feeling connected often involves a sense of trust and safety. You feel you can confide in the other person, be your authentic self around them, and rely on them in times of need.

6. Communication: Regular and open communication often leads to a feeling of connection. This includes actively listening, understanding, and responding to each other’s verbal and non-verbal cues.

In essence, feeling connected to someone means experiencing a bond that fosters understanding, empathy, and closeness. It’s a fundamental human need, forming the foundation for meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

However, it’s not always easy to know whether you have this sort of connection with someone. We’re going to look at all the signs that you may have a deep connection with them.

10 signs you have an unexplainable connection with someone

You feel comfortable showing them your true self

The human mind is in constant fear of judgement from others, and most of us don’t show who we truly are to strangers. This is especially true with the internet, where you can only see the side of someone that you want them to see.

When you feel a strong energy connection with someone, you are immediately comfortable being your authentic self around them. This may not be immediately, but when you spend time together, the more and more connected you’ll feel.

Your eyes lock and you feel drawn to them

Sometimes, this happens the very first time you lay your eyes on someone. You immediately feel connected to the person, and it’s like you’ve known them all of your life.

When your eyes meet, there’s a strong soul connection between the two of you. It’s difficult to describe in words, but you feel drawn to them without having to say a word.

You have fun together and can laugh together

Laughing helps us build relationships with other people in our life. Even when talking about serious issues, you can find a way to turn it into a productive and positive conversation.

Shared laughter with people is an effective bonding tool, and in any meaningful relationship it’s important that you two of you can have fun together – even when you’re stuck at home watching movies or trvaelling somewhere together. Finding fun and laughter in the most boring situations is a good sign.

You share meaningful conversations

Meaningful conversation is important in life, but it’s not possible to have this conversation with just anyone. It’s difficult to have conversations with shallow people, but when you have an intense connection with someone, meaningful conversations usually flow freely.

Being open about our deepest feelings is genuinely helpful, both for our own mental health and for the other person’s too. Bottling our feelings up isn’t good, so finding someone we have a deep connection with to discuss meaningful things is important.

You feel empathy and kindness for the other person

Relationships are meant to help us understand each other, and they are built on kindness and empathy for what the other person is going through. If you feel empathetic when the other person tells you their troubles, it’s a good sign that there’s an emotional connection.

With strangers, it’s difficult to feel this kind of empathy as we barely know them. But over time, this kind of bond can be built up into a strong relationship.

You respect each other

Without respect, all relationships will suffer. Having a strong relationship with another person means that you need to respect them for who they are, even if sometimes their opinions differ to yours.

This increases the strength of your relationship, and it’s a good sign that you have a deeper connection with someone.

You fit perfectly; just like the pieces of a puzzle

When you’ve got inexplicable connection to someone, you’ll feel like they’ve completed you. This is based on the Ying and Yang concept, where you complete each other by becoming a partnership. You’re a perfect match, as your energies work harmoniously together.

You talk for hours without noticing time passing

When we talk freely, we can have deeper conversation and end up talking for hours at a time. Unfortunately in modern times, it’s difficult to meet people that you can have these types of long conversations with. You make each other feel heard, as you both know you value each other’s opinions and input.

So when a person comes into your life that you can have these deep conversations with, it’s important that you keep them around.

You trust them wholeheartedly

Who can you trust in this world? Having complete confidence in someone demonstrates an intimate connection between you and them, because true is difficult to build.

Trusting someone is never easy, and the bonds we build with others are unique to your relationship. Can you entrust them with private matters that just you and them know? If you can, there’s likely a genuine connection there.

You see yourself committing to a relationship with them

If you meet someone that you have a deeper connection with, it’s usually not difficult to imagine yourself in a relationship with them. Most successful serious relationships that last are built on a deep spiritual connection between two people that love each other.

Even though you have been avoiding commitment for most of your life, don’t have much of a choice when you meet your soul mate. When you have such a strong connection with someone, it’s easy for you to see yourself in a serious relationship with them.

If you can see yourself in a committed relationship with them, it’s likely that you have a deep connection with them. And, this is exactly what life is all about.