How to Ask for Gas Money – 20 Ways to Politely Request

Are you afraid to ask for fuel from your friends before a trip? It shouldn’t be difficult to ask for gas money when you’re driving around. This is especially true if you do it often, as the dollars can quickly add up if you’re driving frequently.

You may need some ideas on how you can address this question whilst still being polite. We’re going to look at some of the best ways that you can ask for gas money from other people that are always in your car, whether they’re a close friend or not.

How to Ask for Gas Money

Here are 20 different ways you could ask your friends for gas money:

1. “Hey, would you mind chipping in for gas since we’re going on this trip together?”

2. “Could we split the fuel cost for our journey? It would really help me out.”

3. “We’re going a good distance. Would it be okay if we shared the gas expense?”

4. “Do you think you could contribute a bit towards the gas? It would be greatly appreciated.”

5. “Since I’m doing the driving, would you be able to cover the gas?”

6. “As a way to keep things fair, how about we all pitch in for gas?”

7. “It’s a long trip. Could you help me bear the burden of the gas cost?”

8. “Would you consider sharing the petrol expense for this ride?”

9. “Just to keep things even, do you mind covering your share of the gas?”

10. “I don’t want to sound petty, but could we divide the fuel cost for this journey?”

11. “I’m a bit tight on money this month. Would you mind helping with the gas?”

12. “Gas prices have really gone up recently, could you contribute a little towards it?”

13. “Since we both benefit from this trip, do you mind covering part of the gas cost?”

14. “I’m happy to drive if you wouldn’t mind helping out with the gas money.”

15. “Would it be possible for you to chip in for petrol this time around?”

16. “Just to make things equal, could you help out with the gas expense?”

17. “As the car owner, I have a lot of costs. Could you help by paying for gas this time?”

18. “To keep our friendship hassle-free, let’s split the gas money, okay?”

19. “Since we’re sharing the ride, how about we also share the fuel cost?”

20. “It would really support me if we could go halves on the petrol for our journey, are you okay with that?”

Should I pay my friend gas money?

It’s polite to offer gas money to someone that lefts you catch a ride in their car. If it’s just a short journey, you may not need to offer petrol money. However, if you’re going on a road trip or you’re commuting often, you should offer your friend some gas money. Whether it’s a distant friend, close friend or even a family member, it’s still polite to ask.

How much should you ask for gas money?

If you’re wondering how much you should ask from other people, it could be a good idea to add up your gas expenses. Usually, you can ask the other people that you’ve been kind enough to drive for anything from a few dollars through to much more than this for longer journeys. If it’s a cheap gas bill though, $5-10 dollars is a reasonable request.


All in all, asking for gas money is something that can feel a little uncomfortable, but there’s nothing wrong with doing so. In most cases, you should be upfront about it as opposed to making it into a weird issue – almost everyone will be okay with you asking them directly.

Offering gas money to the driver of the vehicle actually makes the whole process much smoother. So, if you’re a passenger in the future, make sure that the driver has enough money to cover the gas bill.