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How to Find Clarity of Mind – 12 Simple Strategies

Are you focusing on your daily goals and objectives? One of the most important things to achieving your objectives in having mental clarity. However, in a hectic online environment out filled with distractions, this can easily lead us away from the direction we desire to go in.

A lack of mental clarity can end up causing us to lose focus, and ultimately we will lose the capacity to focus on what’s really important. Sometimes, it feels as if clarity cannot be found easily. However, there are some things that you can do if you want to keep your mind mentally clear.

Drink Water in the Morning

Though you may not think it, drinking plenty of water is an essential part of maintaining a clear mind. There are many health benefits of drinking water, so start by drinking more water every day. Once you do this, you’ll begin to feel much healthier, calmer and more alert.

Many doctors suggest using lemon water as an energy booster to help your mental abilities – it helps to reduce brain fog and is vital for brain function. If you feel healthy in yourself, you can focus on more important things.

Monitor Physical or mental exhaustion

When the energy in our body is depleted, we can usually expect the our mental clarity to follow. Physical exhaustion and mental fatigue can be associated together, and without one, the other cannot be at optimum strength.

So if your body feels physically tired after even a small task or after completing something that requires focusing your mind, then this could be because of exhaustion. The best way to deal with this is to analyze your life and create space for the things that you love.

Determine whether it’s a loss of interest and lack of motivation

An additional problem to having poor mental clarity is a lack of motivation, and they often go hand in hand with one another. If you’re struggling to focus in subjects that bring satisfaction, you may be struggling with a clouded mind.

It’s normal to be disinterested in topics that you don’t like. However, usually the brain can handle more when you have an interest in a topic, and it becomes natural to be passionate that you want to continue learning.

It becomes important to differentiate whether it’s something you’ve gradually lost interest in, or it’s something you’re still interested in, you just don’t have the motivation to proceed further with. The first is normal, the second is a telltale sign of burnout and exhaustion.

Identify What Is Important to You

How do you determine where you go and what to do? Mental clarity is a big part of that for us as humans, and the first step towards mental clarity is making sure you know what’s really important to you.

This will, of course, different for all of us. Perhaps your friends think that the ability to sit down on the couch to watch the news with their families is the most important thing to them, whilst others may have a different idea of what is important.

The message is to take some time out to determine the most significant things on your life, and in doing this, you can gain clarity on your life.

Avoid Clarity-sapping people

On a day to day basis, it’s likely that you expose yourself to clarity-sapping people regularly that distract you from your goals. When you seek clarity, it’s important as an individual to avoid this, as it can cause mental fog.

Obviously, this influence is personal in nature and relates to your individual situation. Negative people are unfortunately everywhere, and when it comes to finding clarity, it’s important that you stay away from these people.

Get enough sleep

If you don’t sleep at night, it is difficult to perform at peak performance on a day to day basis. Whilst we can all burn the candle at both ends at times, doing it continuously will catch up with you in the long term.

Clear focus means getting a quality sleep, ideally at the same time every evening. If you can get into the pattern of going to sleep and waking up at the same time, you can spend time working on what’s really important for clarity – your mental and physical health.

Make sure to organize tasks and prioritize

Writing things down is something that many of us don’t do enough. In a world with laptops and smartphones, using old-fashioned journals has become decreasingly common. But, it’s an amazing way to get the thoughts out from your head onto paper.

Making the effort to write down your emotions and plans on a regular basis can help to gain more clarity about what it is you really want.

How to practice mindfulness meditation

The easiest way to begin finding clarity is to meditate. Many people turn to meditation as a method of getting in touch with their inner self, and it can help you to realize what really matters in life.

People who meditate regularly or practise yoga tend to have a greater sense of calmness. The use of yoga is a powerful way to improve our mental health, and can be a key contributor in finding clarity of mind.

Have a Healthy Morning Routine

Another great way to improve your mind is to focus on the routine of how your start your day, which will vary depending on your career.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. If we give ourselves some time in the morning to get ready for the day – whether that be through exercise, meditation, or even just mindfully eating your cereal, the way you start your day has a massive impact on how it pans out.

Find a work-life balance

Having a work-life balance is essential for a positive mindset. When a person spends too much time in their workplace, they may find their energy levels slowly draining over time it isn’t always immediately noticeable.

If you give your career unlimited access to your life, it can be difficult to draw lines between your professional and private life. So, seeking balance for yourself is a form of self care, and should be prioritized for success over the long term.

Maintain a healthy diet

Okay, we’ve already touched on why drinking water is paramount to a clear head. However, as nutrition and health are closely tied, the food you eat on a daily basis is vital to your overall wellness too.

There are lots of foods that can help improve your mental clarity, and can help in developing your brain power. So, be sure to follow a healthy eating plan if you want to find clarity (some people will find that a minimalist diet suits them best).

Trust Yourself, Not Your Confusion

There’s only so much advice that you can take from strangers over the internet, and at some point, you’re going to need to follow your own guidance.

If you want to stay focused, it’s important that you listen to your own body and give it exactly what it wants. Do you need rest? Or, perhaps your inner self is craving a new challenge, maybe even in a different city? Only you can decide exactly what it is your body needs, so learn to trust yourself amongst the confusion.

Why is mental clarity so important?

Mental clarity helps increase productivity, both inside and outside the office. It’s not just your work life that having a clouded mind can affect – it’s your day to day life too. There are a few reasons why mental clarity is particularly important;

  1. Better Decision Making: When your mind is clear, you’re better able to process information, evaluate different perspectives, and make well-informed decisions. This is crucial in all areas of life, from professional decisions to personal choices.
  2. Stress Management: Lack of mental clarity can lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress as tasks and thoughts pile up, making them seem more challenging than they actually are. By having a clear mind, one can better prioritize tasks, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Improved Productivity: Mental clarity allows you to focus on one task at a time, reducing any distractions and increasing efficiency and productivity. You can better manage your time and complete tasks to a higher standard.
  4. Enhanced Creativity: A clear head can enhance your creativity because you have more ‘mental space’ for brainstorming new ideas and innovative solutions. This clarity can provide the freedom for your mind to explore and create.
  5. Promotes Mental Health: A cluttered mind is often associated with issues like anxiety and depression. Achieving mental clarity can help in maintaining good mental health by reducing the risk of such conditions. By having a clearer understanding of your emotions and thoughts, you can better manage them and seek help when necessary.

It is essential for us to be thinking clearly when attempting to resolve problems that we’re having with other people. How can you be your best self when you don’t have the mental clarity to think clearly?

Fortunately, we can find this clarity using the steps above, which result in us making better decisions and becoming aware of what truly matters.


If you’re like me, you may find being overwhelmed and even the stress or anxiety of worrying about feeling overwhelmed an issue. Even the most successful people still struggle with thinking clearly from time to time, and it can be incredibly difficult to achieve mental clarity in life.

When our brain functions as it should well, the results are a more fulfilling and rewarding existence. So, finding mental clarity is important, as it makes our lives easier and prioritizes what really matters – whether this is spending time with friends, or seeking personal growth at work, is up to you.