Minimalist Living Room Ideas

When it comes to a creating a minimalist living room, many people don’t know where to start. From wooden floors through to new light fixtures, matching all of the design elements together can take a while – but it’s so worth it in the end.

As when you’re finished, you’ll have a cohesive space that’s a worthy representation of your home. Here’s some of my favorite minimalist living room ideas you can take inspiration from to create your own space that you love.

Stick with a Bright White Living Room

Sometimes, it’s best to go with the basics. And one of the best minimalist living room ideas that’s stuck with people is to opt to go white throughout your entire living room.

Crisp white walls matched with minimal furniture can make a small space appear to be much bigger, creating a soothing living area for you to relax after a long day at work.

This isn’t for everyone, and it’s usually not something that can be done if you have kids or a dog running around the home. But if an aesthetic minimalist style is important to you, then white always works for interior design.

Create an Airy Space

If you want to create an airy living room, you need to make sure that you open it up. Whereas some people want a cozy minimalist bedroom, most people want more space in their lounge.

This combines well with minimalism, as it essential means to make sure that your furniture isn’t obstructive paths from doorways and windows – less clutter and furniture makes this easier anyway.

By getting rid of these things, you give yourself more and more space to implement your minimalist design. A small living room can feel much bigger when you open it up, and when you use a neutral palette with harmonious colors, it can appear even bigger.

You can also consider a statement piece, like floating shelves or a unique coffee table, if you want to make your minimalistic living room stand out.

Go Monochrome

Though not a necessity, many people find that a monochrome space can help to bring contrast into their living room.

With a simple space filled with only black and white, this style of room required carefully chosen pieces and a keen eye for interior design if you want to pull it off.

You can choose to add personality by adding smaller personal effects in with the monochrome palette too, which will make them stand out. Creating clean lines between your furniture and decor is perfect if you want to create a minimalist living room.

Utilize natural light the best you can

One way that you can make a minimal living room brighter is to use the natural light that shines into your home. This includes painting your walls in white or soft colors, and using natural materials to complement the sunlight.

Using mirrors is another great way to reflect light across your room, especially if you can face them opposing your windows.

If you do this, then any light that does shine into your room will be reverberated around – this can prove extremely useful if you live in a fairly gloomy city and want to maximize light.

Reveal your exposed brick walls

Minimalist living rooms can often be about making the most of what you have already. And, what could be more suited than using one of your walls as a focal point of visual interest?

A white space with white walls can work extremely well with one contrasting brick wall to break things up a bit. They add a rawness that’s difficult to replicate with furniture, and even a professional interior designer may not be able to add that kind of authenticity.

Use wall art well

Wall art can make a massive difference in the appearance of your living room. Abstract art tends to work extremely well when it comes to a minimalist design, with finer lines and an eclectic mix of colors often looking good.

This doesn’t have to be meaningful items or something special – you could just pick the design because you like it, and you think that it complements your living room well. It can take center stage, or it could just be an additional piece to your minimalist puzzle.

Thinking about using glass

Glass is a great way to give your living room a minimalist feel. It works well with brighter shades as it blends into the surroundings without contrast, and it can allow you to draw focus elsewhere easily.

Of course, another advantage of this is that it allows light to shine through without obstruction too, leaving you with a brighter room.

Get the right seating

Your living room needs to be practical as well as beautiful. You can spend hours of time and thousands of dollars trying to create it, but if it’s not comfortable, you’re unlikely to spend time in it.

Whether you want to get a modern upholstered sofa or you prefer to opt for a more classic look, it’s a vital part of your living room, and you need to get it right.


Doing it properly means more than just throwing a few throw pillows onto your sofa. The ability to maximize square footage in minimalist spaces is really important, giving your more free space in your living room to keep clear.

Creating a minimalist living room usually means utilizing a neutral color scheme, increasing surface space in your home, and sticking to your own design philosophy throughout. Do this, and you’ll finally be able to feel relaxed in your home.