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Minimalist Moms Favorite Reads This Week

This a collection of my favorite things I’ve read this week. There were so many great reads about Thanksgiving and preparing for the holidays, so this week is all about the holidays. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

A Simple One-Day Thanksgiving Dinner Cooking Timeline
by Meg from Minimalist Woman

Let me begin by saying Minimalism and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner are mutually exclusive. It’s probably the American cook’s single most stressful meal of the year. The menu is loaded with traditional dishes made by generations that have gone before us, and adding to the fun it always comes on a Thursday, smack dab in the middle of a working week. It’s not a promising way to start off  ”The Holidays.”

Get Ready for Thanksgiving This Weekend
by Adam at Lifehacker

I’ve cooked for Thanksgiving for the last two years and it is exhausting, but it’s basically impossible if you don’t plan well. When it comes to cooking, making as much as you can in advance is always helpful. For example, cooking your turkey overnight can take away a lot of stress on Thanksgiving day. Lastly, you might want to have a holiday emergency kit handy just in case things don’t go perfectly.

Plan Your Peaceful Christmas: Guest-ify Your Home
by Tsh at Simple Mom

Are you having house guests for the upcoming holidays? ‘Tis the season for crowds, and while you might not be ready for handling your relationship with the in-laws, you still need to prepare your home. With Christmas six weeks away, it might seem like you’ve got all kinds of time to fortify your abode — but if your family is like mine, November and December are when the calendar gets crazy busy. Why not take some time now, before the chaos arrives on your doorstop?

How To Keep It Together This Holiday Season
by Sherri at Zen Family Habits

With American Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away and Christmas a mere 5 1/2, a lot of people are in full preparation and panic mode. Preparation is great, panic … not so much. Here are a few things you can do to take the panic and stress out of holiday planning and start to enjoy the whole season.

How to Have a Restful, Memorable, & Meaningful Holiday Season
by Jessica at Life as Mom

The potential is certainly there to shift into “survival mode” between Thanksgiving and the start of the New Year. Yet, whatever happened to this being “the most wonderful time of the year?” Now is the time to be proactive and make the coming weeks restful, memorable, and meaningful.


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photo by hortongrou

Article originally published on 11/20/2010

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