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Minimalist Moms Favorite Reads This Week

This a collection of my favorite things I’ve read this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you enjoy these posts, be sure to share the love and comment on the author’s site. Below is also a little weekend update from me.

The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents
by Leo at Zen Habits

My favorite line: “Richer happiness can be found in simpler things that don’t involve spending.” While I already confessed to being a gift-buying minimalist this week, I really appreciated Leo’s post. It was the most well-rounded approach I have read on minimalism and Christmas. He poses his case, answers some frequently asked questions about gift buying, and even gives some alternatives to buying gifts. A very nice non-threatening message unlike many I’ve read this year.

Why You Should Boycott Perfection
by Courtney at Be More With Less

My favorite line: “When perfection is your goal, regardless of what you are doing or being, you miss what you set out to do, or be in the first place.” Courtney includes 10 great reasons to boycott perfection and six areas in your life to throw your heart into without being wrapped up in perfection.

Stay Sane This Christmas by Making Wise Decisions
by Tsh from Simple Mom at inCourage

My favorite line: “It’s okay to say no this Christmas.” Tsh reminds us to take care of our family first when facing a busy holiday season. She provides some great tips on not overspending, not trying to make everyone else happy, and to simply do what you can and forget the rest.

7 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with Family
by Sherri at Zen Family Habits

My favorite line: “Make the choice to make the best of it.” Sherri gives us a great list of things we can do to make the family holiday gatherings less stressful and more memorable. I really love the section about new holiday traditions to start.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on any of these posts in the comments below.

A Little Update from Me

The major room swap at the house is still in full swing. My husband and I managed to eliminate both of our dressers in our room which opened up a nice sitting area for us. It’s so peaceful with so few things in our room. When I was cleaning out my dresser I found: $50 in cash in old birthday cards, my passport, and 13 baby teeth from my late night tooth fairy duties. Gross and amusing all at the same time.

I am considering closing down the Minimalist Moms forum for now. I love its potential and I’ve really enjoyed the sense of community there. I am just wondering if it has enough participation to thrive without me carrying the conversations along. I hope to have more time to devote to the forums in the future, but I don’t want them to suffer because of me in the meantime.


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Article originally published on 12/04/2010

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  1. I love reading your posts and hope that you don’t close the website down! I am toying with the idea if becoming more of a minimalist-I love the idea it’s just the getting started that is the tough part!

    • Faith Janes says

      Hi Marci. Thanks for your comment. I’m not considering shutting down the website (actually I have big plans to share soon). I was just talking about possibly closing the forums for now.

      When I opened the forums here, I said I would see how it went and if they didn’t serve a need then I would close them. While I do think they’re great, I don’t want them to just sit around and clutter the site. Even if I do close them, everyone is always welcome to use the Contact page to send me a message directly.

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback, Marci. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site. If you need some extra advice on how to get started, just let me know.

  2. Aha-got it! Sorry-I should have read slower 🙂 Or-I could have commented before I had my morning coffee!
    As far as getting started-it is easy to feel overwhelmed when I have so much to minimize. I am starting slowly-doing a bit here and a bit there-and trying to not buy items that are not needed.

  3. Yay! I would hate to see the website go. Love it! Thank you!

  4. Hi Faith!
    I love the way you share your favorites! Given me some ideas of how I may use it…
    I have been decluttering overall, and tonight we are having a Chirstmas party at our home. I am loving how the *space* looks and feels!
    I remember *finding* those old baby teeth, lol!

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