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My Favorite Minimalist podcasts

Minimalism podcasts can be a useful tool for learning more about how other people choose to live their life. Though you don’t need to copy or emulate others, you can often pick up a ton of great ideas, whether that’s about sustainable living or organizing strategies to help get your home in check.

With more minimalist podcasts being released, it’s not always easy to know which ones are best. Here’s a few that I listen to that are a great place to get started.

Millennial Minimalists

My favorite podcast to listen to if you’re talking about modern minimalism is Millennial Minimalists. Started by two Canadians that don’t really fit the stereotype of “minimalist”, they prove that anyone can integrated it into their everyday lives.

It’s one of the more popular minimalist podcasts, which is no surprise at the quality is very high. They touch on a variety of different topics from simple things like having too much stuff through to how to live intentionally.

They also often have an interesting guest on the show, which can make things a little more fun. Though it’s not specifically for millennials, if you’re a younger person just getting started on your minimalist journey, this would be the first place I’d start.

Minimal-ish: Minimalism, Intentional Living, Motherhood

People assume that living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t tend to blend well with family life. But, podcaster and minimalist Desirae Endres proves that doesn’t have to be the case, as she follows a minimal lifestyle with a child in tow.

What I like most about Desirae is that she doesn’t focus too much on what other people think. It can feel overwhelming to go on YouTube or Instagram and see other people decluttering their homes or meditating in the Himalayas.

Desirae helps bring us back down to Earth with a balanced podcast that is more about how we can live a meaningful life, as opposed to getting caught up competing with others for who has the least stuff.

Optimal Living Daily

The trouble with trying to lead meaningful lives is that we often don’t leave much time for browsing the internet. This is why I like to listen to the Optimal Living Daily podcast to keep up to speed on any interesting takes from across the net.

It’s a narration series that runs through everything that’s currently popular related to minimalism. The idea is simple but works well, and saves a lot of time from reading newsletters or scrolling through blogs.

There’s a lot in this podcast about personal development and taking action. It’s filled with practical tips on decluttering too, and I find it’s a good listen early in the morning before you go about your day, as it can help to motivate you.

Hurry Slowly Podcast

Created by Jocelyn K. Glei, this is a great listen if you’re trying to incorporate a minimalist mindset into your day-to-day life. It focuses on interviewing an array of working people, from entrepreneurs to researchers.

Listening to other people talk about things from a minimalist perspective can help you to determine exactly what you want from minimalism. The topics touch on balancing family, positive thinking, pursuing intention and much more.

One thing I like about the pod is that it’s completely ad-free too, meaning you don’t have to listen to minutes of boring adverts all the time. When it comes to the best minimalism podcasts, I would consider the Hurry Slowly podcast to be one of my favorites.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Personal development and minimalism are heavily connected to one another. After all, many of us become minimalists in an attempt to better ourselves by stripping out the unnecessary in our lives.

As an athlete and successful entrepreneur in his own right, Rich has a lot of good advice to give on the podcast. He also has some pretty well known guests chat on there too, like marketing guru Seth Godin and Casey Neistat from YouTube.

Though it’s not all about minimalist living, there is a lot of positives to take from this podcast. It can be a great download whilst you’re sipping your morning coffee and getting starte with your day.

The Slow Home Podcast

One of the best minimalist podcasts for those searching for a simpler life is the Slow Home Podcast. When it comes to slow living, the Slow Home podcast is the number one choice if you’re looking to take your foot off of the gas pedal for a bit.

In a fast world, it can be difficult to relax and take things slowly – but, this can lead to a happier life. And hosts Brooke and Ben McAlary know this only too well, which is why they decided to opt out of the rat race and switch

This podcasts goes into intentional finances, and how a capitalist mindset may mean that you never end up getting rest. You can still live a meaningful life without worrying about work every second, and that’s exactly the message that the Slow Home podcast tries to deliver.

The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are probably the two most well known people within the minimalist scene, and though they obviously didn’t invent minimalism, no-one can say that they didn’t help take it to the mainstream with their Netflix documentary.

If you’re an aspiring minimalist, it’s probably a good idea to check this one out when you’re getting started. The Minimalists talk about everything from homeownership through to family minimalism, with a real focus on simple living.

There’s also a lot of talk about getting rid of the physical clutter in your home, and how less stuff can impact your life. These guys have been following this path for many years, so if you want to learn from two people how they try to live a meaningful life, you might want to tune in.


Finding the right minimalist podcast for you is a trial and error process. You’re likely going to try out some podcasts that you don’t enjoy, and when you do, there’s nothing wrong with skipping onto a different one.

Hopefully, this list of minimalist podcasts has helped you find the right one for you. Whether you’re interested in positive psychology, zero waste living or conscious consumerism, there’s a good range of everything here.