20 Minimalist Room Ideas To Maximize Your Space

When you’re getting started with minimalism, one of the best places to start is in the bedroom. Giving yourself a serene and peaceful minimalist space to rest in before you go to sleep can make a massive difference to how you start and end the day. But, it’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to creating your ideal room.

We’re going to look at some of the best ideas you may want to choose for your own bedroom that will help to ensure it has a minimalist feel.

1. Neutral Color Palette


Stick to a color scheme of whites, grays, and other light colors to provide a clean and crisp ambiance. When you opt to go for a minimalist palette, you can ensure that your room uses soothing colors that aren’t overwhelming.

2. Scandinavian Influence

Embrace simplicity and functionality from Scandinavian design with elements such as light wooden furniture and simple geometric patterns. Scandinavian minimalism developed from a necessity for comfort when living in cold and harsh weathers, with nothing more important than crisp bedding and a comfortable bedroom.

3. Maximize Natural Light


Remove heavy drapes and opt for simple blinds or light-colored curtains to maximize sunlight and make your space feel more spacious. Minimalist bedrooms tend to make the most of any natural light that makes its way into your room, as it can help to bring a natural and relaxing feel.

4. Minimal Wall Art

Choose one piece of wall art that speaks to you, rather than cluttering your walls with multiple pieces. It could be a black and white photograph or a simple line drawing – even the simple pieces can look great when surrounded my a minimalist bedroom.

5. Platform Bed

Consider a low, platform bed without a headboard to maintain a clean line and reduce clutter. It’s worth considering the right bed frame for your room too – opting for natural wood tones is a good idea here.

6. Built-In Shelving

Utilize built-in shelving to save floor space and keep your belongings organized and out of sight. You can consider opting for a minimalist library if you have a lot of books to store.

7. Simplified Bedding

Minimalistic bedroom, top view, closeup on double white and red bed, parquet floor, contemporary modern interior design

Opt for simple, monochrome bedding. Avoid excess throw pillows or blankets for a sleek, minimal look. The material of the bedding you choose matters too – for many people, silk or linen bedding can help to give a more minimalist feel.

8. Minimalist Lighting

Choose sleek, simple lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting, simple pendant lights, or a sleek floor lamp would work. Though our goal is to let natural light in, you may need lamps for the evening too.

9. Floor to Ceiling Mirror

Install a floor-to-ceiling mirror to create the illusion of a larger space and enhance the minimalist feel. It also takes up a limited amount of space in comparison to a standing mirror.

10. Floating Shelves


Use floating shelves instead of traditional bookcases or side tables for a clean and modern aesthetic. They can help to ensure that your space stays clutter free.

11. White Walls

White walls are a classic minimalist choice that gives a fresh, clean feel and helps to reflect natural light. A monochromatic color palette is often a great place to start, and you can add in dark tones in specific areas that you want to accentuate.

12. Simple Rug

Opt for a rug in a neutral color with a subtle pattern to keep your space cozy while still maintaining the minimalist vibe. When you have all white spaces, a rug can help to add some more color to the room.

13. Low Furniture

Choose simple furniture pieces that sit low to the ground to keep sight lines open and create a feeling of spaciousness. Whether it’s a coffee table or a side table, it’s a good idea to keep the profile of your furniture low if you want to keep it minimal.

14. Indoor Plants


Add a touch of nature with one or two green indoor plants. Choose types with clean lines, like a snake plant or a fiddle leaf fig. Indoor plants can help to add just the right amount of color to a room, and help turn it into a calming oasis.

15. Storage Under the Bed

Bedroom interior, wooden bed at modern room. Furniture design with open wood drawer, white pillow decoration object in box. Brown comfortable storage for bedding cushion.

Utilize under-bed storage to keep clutter to a minimum and preserve the clean, open feel of the room. Minimalist bedroom design is centered around making the most of the little space that you have, which means using the space underneath your bed wisely.

16. Minimalist Nightstands

Opt for a simple, sleek nightstand – think a small table in a matching color to your bed or a floating shelf. Using the same color family to create an all white bedroom is often a good idea when you have limited space.

17. Sleek Window Treatments

Opt for simple roller shades or light, sheer curtains that allow plenty of natural light. Neutral tones are important when it comes to your curtains, as they can create a cohesive look.

18. Keep Decorative Items to a Minimum

Resist the temptation to decorate with many small items. Stick to one or two pieces that add beauty without clutter. It’s important that the items you choose for your bedroom are important to you, and limit the amount of decorative items you end up with.

19. Black and White Photography

Add a sophisticated touch with a large black and white photograph or print. It offers visual interest without overwhelming the room, and it can look great if you have an accent wall in the room (one wall that’s a different color to the rest).

20. Use Textures

While keeping the color scheme neutral, play with textures – a wool throw, a leather pouf, or a wooden stool can add depth and interest to the room. You may also want to use the same colors in your minimalist living room if you want the rooms in your house to match.


In conclusion, it’s important that you create your own personal style when it comes to your minimalist bedroom, and only you know exactly how this looks. You should try to create a calming space that you look forward to visiting at the end of the day, but you can do this in your own style instead of copying others.

Hopefully these minimalist bedroom ideas can help you to create a minimalist bedroom that you’re proud of. As long as you try and make all of the items in your bedroom useful, there’s no reason why