15 Most Used Stuff That’s Commonly Sold Online (Secondhand)

It’s possible to sell anything online, and there’s a ton of products across various different marketplaces on the web – in fact, there’s more than a billion product listings on eBay alone. This shows that online marketplaces are filled with secondhand goods, and there’s usually a market for pretty much anything.

The online market is widely used by businesses as well as individuals. But what kind of things is the average person selling online when it comes to secondhand good? Let’s look through the best selling items that you’ll find online.

The Most Used Items That Are Sold Online

1. Clothing: High-end designer brands and vintage clothing, in particular, are popular in the secondhand market.

2. Electronics: This includes items like smartphones, laptops, tablets, video game consoles, and TVs.

3. Cars and motorcycles: Many individuals and businesses sell used vehicles online.

4. Books: Secondhand books, including textbooks, novels, cookbooks, and more, are often bought and sold online.

5. Furniture: Especially for local sales, used furniture can be a big seller.

6. Jewelry and Watches: Both fine jewelry and costume jewelry are popular in the secondhand market.

7. Musical instruments: Guitars, pianos, and other instruments often retain their value well and are frequently sold secondhand.

8. Collectibles and Antiques: This can range from vintage toys to coins to fine china.

9. Sports and fitness equipment: This can include everything from weights and exercise machines to bicycles and camping gear.

10. Home appliances: Secondhand appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances are also popular online.

11. Toys and Games: Used children’s items can be a good way to save money, as children often outgrow or lose interest in toys quickly.

12. Baby gear: Items like strollers, high chairs, cribs, and car seats are often bought and sold secondhand.

13. Tools: Power tools, lawn equipment, and other types of tools are often sold secondhand.

14. Cameras and Photography equipment: DSLR cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment often retain value and are sold secondhand.

15. Video games and console games: Especially for retro and vintage games, the secondhand market can be quite active.

Remember, always ensure that any secondhand items you purchase, especially those that impact safety like cars or baby gear, are in good condition and meet all relevant safety standards.

What is the Most Sold Used Product in the World?

When it comes to the most used product that’s sold across the world, it’s still the automotive category that leads the way. It’s well known that more than 40 million used cars are sold each year in the US alone.

When you multiply that across the world, that’s a whole lot of used cars that are being sold. Then, if we factor other vehicles into the equation, it’s easy to see how used cars are some of the most sold items online.

Why is it important to know what the most sold products online are?

If you plan to sell some things and make some money, you should make sure that the products you’re selling are in demand. Whether you’re selling vinyl records or watch accessories, when you sell online it’s important that you find your target market.

If no-one is interested in buying the products you’re trying to sell online, then there’s no point in you even listing it. So, make sure there’s a high demand for your goods, as otherwise you’re probably wasting your time.

5 Tips for Selling Online

Even good products may not get sold if they’re poorly promoted online. There is very little restriction on what you can sell, so it’s really down to you to work out how you can get the best price for your goods. Here’s a few different things you can take into consideration;

1. Presentation is Key: Take clear, well-lit photos of the item from different angles. If there are any flaws, make sure to photograph them and mention them in the description. Buyers appreciate honesty and transparency when it comes to online sales, as it’s easy to make items look better than they actually are.

2. Detailed Description: Describe the item accurately and in detail. Include information such as color, dimensions, brand, model, condition, and any other details that a buyer might want to know. If the item has any defects, be upfront about it to avoid any potential issues later.

3. Pricing: Research what similar items are selling for to ensure your pricing is competitive. You might want to price your item slightly higher than what you’re willing to take since many buyers expect to be able to negotiate. With popular brands, you may be able to command a higher price than the norm.

4. Choose the Right Platform: Different goods sell better on different platforms. For example, electronics might sell better on a platform like eBay, while vintage clothing might sell better on Etsy or Depop. Research the best place to sell your specific item – for clothing and baby goods, Facebook marketplace is a great option.

5. Communication: Respond to potential buyers promptly and professionally. Good communication builds trust with buyers and can lead to positive reviews, which can help with future sales.

Whether you’re running an online business or you’re an individual looking to sell online, it’s pretty easy for you to get started. You can get sales quickly by reducing the price of your items, however in some instances, it may be worth holding out for a higher price.

Either way, if you’re trying to sell any of the items above, it’s usually relatively easy to do so.