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Not Enough Jelly for My Bread: When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

I can’t stand too much butter on my toast. On the rare occasion when I eat a piece of bread, it has to be a certain way.Β  It must have a perfectly thin layer of butter that has enough time to totally melt into the bread. If there are big globs of butter perched on top of what I’m eating, I just can’t stomach it.

But jelly is another story.

Have you ever been to a restaurant attempting to enjoy a tasty carb indulgence, only to be disappointed that the jelly comes in thimble-sized portions? As hard as you try, there’s only enough jelly there to tease you and not enough to enjoy its full flavor. Jelly that’s spread too thin is definitely not enjoyable.

Spreading yourself too thin isn’t good either.

Not Enough of You to Go Around

Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to another all day long? The obligations, chores, and responsibilities in our lives pull us in a million different directions if we let them.

On first glance, it may seem that we don’t have a choice. It all has to get done, right?

Well, maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t.

Do you really need to say “yes” to everything?

If we never slow down long enough to really evaluate how we’re spending our time, we will keep collapsing into bed at night and wondering where our day went.

You either find more jelly or eat less bread.

We can’t make any more hours fit into a day. It’s simply a matter of how we spread out our time.

Is there something you need to say no to today?

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Article originally published on 09/16/2011

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  1. I need more jelly for sure Faith!

    I’ve been struggling with feeling spread too thin over the past several weeks. As a result, I’m evaluating what I can let slide, and what is critical. It’s tough to make those decisions sometimes!

    Alternatively, I’ve considered taking off by myself and running away from all of my responsibilities. πŸ™‚

    • Running away once in awhile is always good. πŸ™‚ Evaluating what can be let go and then *actually* letting go is definitely harder. However, letting go has longer lasting results.

      Knowing that is just half the battle…I haven’t quite figured it out yet either. I have a lot more letting go I need to do!

  2. What a great post! Short sweet and very poignant! And… now I want toast and jelly!

  3. Love the bread & jelly metaphor! I need to learn to start saying no a lot more often…as well as break my internet addiction. My problem is that I LOVE helping people and saying yes, but when it comes to completing all the tasks I said yes to, it’s overwhelming. I’m trying to learn moderation. Just last night I ditched my son’s preschool’s PTO meeting and instead took a little break. It was glorious!!!

  4. Hey Faith, I love it. Find more jelly or eat less bread. I’ve run into this issue with Thai food take-out. The curry sauce won’t always go far enough for all the rice. πŸ˜‰

    Lately I’ve been having a much easier time sharing my limitations. I put on our contact page that we’re not great at responding to emails. It doesn’t seem like a very professional thing to do, but it makes me feel so much better. There’s just too much bread there, so I have to conserve the jelly.

    Handing over the social networking sites to Patrick really helped a lot too.

  5. “On first glance, it may seem that we don’t have a choice. It all has to get done, right?”

    So true,
    I get so overwhelmed at what is on my plate that I just can’t seem to feel joy on the journey, the fun is gone & the urgent replaces the ordinary & I feel incredibly sad. I’m thankful for your post, for the nudge to think more deeply, my barbie supermum complex can be on hold and I can start examining the urgent to find the necessary & hopefully find some ordinary along the way,
    Thank you sweet sister,
    LOH hugs,
    In Him

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