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I absolutely love how photography tells a story. It is true that images can capture thoughts and feelings in an instant that words often fail to adequately express. One of my favorite parts of writing this blog is taking the time to find the perfect image for every post. I have filled my new book with images because I love how each one adds depth to the writing.

Photography can be intimidating. I have friends who are professional photographers and I’ve seen all the equipment they tote around. Everything about photography seems complicated and expensive. When I came across Steve Johnson’s site on Minimalist Photography, I finally learned that great photography didn’t need to be either of those things.

I have loved Steve’s work for awhile now. In my first ebook, The Minimalist Within, I used his photography exclusively. The way he uses light and angles with simple every day objects, is absolutely stunning.

Steve has written a new book called Low Cost High Impact Photography. In it he reveals that taking great photos doesn’t require fancy equipment. In fact, most of the 100 gorgeous images included in the book were taken with a budget point and shoot camera. Steve is the only photographer I have ever heard of that doesn’t tell you to buy fancy lenses and other expensive equipment. I find that so refreshing and it makes photography more accessible to regular folks like me.

Low Cost High Impact Photography is 120 pages full of detailed techniques and good dose of inspiration. Steve covers the topics of light, space, and balance. It is a mixture of posts, articles, thoughts and new writing edited and arranged to provide an interesting read with plenty of substance. This is not some hastily thrown together in an afternoon type effort. His writing style is so easy to read . . . not like some technical manuals that are an effort just to get through.

If you’re looking for some solid advice for becoming a better photographer today, you should really check out Steve’s book Low Cost High Impact Photography. You can even download a sample of the book first. The book is launching today at a discounted rate that won’t last long. Don’t miss out on the excellent value.

You can follow Steve’s writing at Minimalist Photography.


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Article originally published on 03/08/2011

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