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Simple Fantasies

Most of the time I enjoy living in a household of 10 people. It’s warm and friendly and life carries this built in sense of cooperation with it.

But there are some days when I dream of a different life. I have this fantasy about what life would be like as a traveling homeschool family of five. Just my husband and my kids on a journey to see the world or maybe just pick one corner of it and see how that suits us for awhile.

No toys to put away.

No huge grocery shopping trips.

No dealing with getting the grass cut, paying big electric bills, or kids begging to play video games.

Just some moments in time to be a quieter version of us.

Every day I wake up and wonder if that fantasy will come true for us someday. I hope it will and I feel like we are making baby steps of progress to get there.

Sometimes it’s just nice to dream. It’s nice to have a reason for working so hard to minimize the other distractions in your life.

What do you dream about? Do you have a simple fantasy that you’re working towards? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Article originally published on 09/09/2011

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  1. We have been living in an RV traveling the country for just over three years now so I can safely say it is a lot more fun and meaningful to learn about geography and history by visiting the places where terrain changes and events happened. But, we still have stuff to pick up, grocery shopping to do, electric bills (sometimes included in camping fees but sometimes separate) to pay and, at the site we rented this summer, grass to mow although not very much of it. But, we do have a lot more togetherness in this lifestyle than we did when we had jobs to go do. And for the first time in my life I actually enjoy learning history. There’s nothing like going inside a sod house or standing in the wagon ruts and seeing the mountains in the distance to make you appreciate our country’s early settlers.

  2. Honestly? I dream of my life but with my husband able to be home with me. Having a passive income (or no need for money) that would allow him to share in the blessings he has given our family…that is my dream.

    • I love that dream. I just spent the weekend away with my husband and that’s exactly where our talks focused. “How can we plan more trips and flexibility into our lives?” Passive income is a big part of that. If you haven’t already, check out Pat Flynn’s website: http://smartpassiveincome.com It rocks!

  3. I am finally starting to live my dream now. I have just started my own business doing something I love which I can work around my children’s school hours (my youngest starts school next year) and I have very low overheads. Just need to cut down on the amount of stuff we have by about another third and I will be very content!

    • That is great! I’m sure that feels awesome. Just keep taking a few moments every day to get rid of the stuff you don’t want. Even small batches of time will make you feel productive.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with travel. But I would love to travel as a family to some of the places we have studied in homeschooling.

    My simple fantasy would be time with my family, maybe at a beach or something similar, with no worries and nothing to do but have fun together. 🙂

  5. You’re right about having a reason for working so hard to minimize. It’s not travel for me, but a sweet little cottage, a close-kit community, and a days spent doing things I love/not in an office 9-5. It’s what I think of when I’m facing decluttering: will my stuff fit in my dream?

    • This was probably my favorite comment…”Will my stuff fit in my dream?” Love it! I’m sure you’ll see it again in my writing. 😉

  6. My little dream includes living out in the country, on property attached to a monastery. My husband and I along with our children would act as the liaison between the monks and the pubic world. We would live on a schedule that reflects the rhythm of a seasonal life.

    • Very cool and very unique idea. I’m curious how you came up with that. Is there a place in mind you’d like to do that?

  7. We train horses for our occupation and I do horse show photography as well. My dream, is to become a “hauler,” that is for us to be able to go from show to show with a set of horses & a trailer with a living quarters (small version RV) built into it. We are such a close-knit family at shows, those people are most of our closest friends & 2nd family. Haulers are even closer, the shows are generally bigger, and I would enjoy spending time at the shows we love instead of only being able to go a couple weekends a month. I’m happiest when we are on the road and quite honestly with the right set of horses, our income would be the same as it is now, and it sure beats coming home & having to catch up on laundry, yard work, house work, etc.

    • This is great! What could be better than combining work you love with a lifestyle that brings you joy?! It sounds like you are well on your way to achieving this dream. Who wants to do yard work anyway, right? 🙂

  8. Yes, it is nice to dream. We dream of traveling and working in various locations around the country. Being able to work location independent. I also had dreams of traveling with my kids around the country, but they are all grown now!
    Eating healthy for the long haul

  9. Your dream sounds a lot like mine. My husband and oldest are currently against it, however, so it may take a great deal of communication. We will up our travel time a bit after June when our foreign son returns to his family, and we will no longer be tied to a school schedule. Who knows what the future holds…

  10. Richard Foster is the best.
    Have him back on again soon.

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