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16 signs you have a deep spiritual connection with someone

Relationships are part of our life, but some of them feel more powerful than others. Obviously, we all meet new people and build fresh relationships on a regular basis – but how can you differentiate a regular relationship from a special, spiritual connection with another human?

When you meet somebody special, it is likely you feel something you may never have felt before – a deeper connection than the norm. Here’s 16 signs that you have a deep spiritual connection with someone.

Their presence makes you feel calm and safe

One of the easiest ways to know you have a deep connection with someone is that you feel safe in their presence. This shows the spiritual connection that the two of you have with each other, as the spiritual bond between you makes you feel more comfortable.

In simple terms, they make you feel secure and protected. This could also indicate that you are in a good place yourself, as it is usually difficult to make these connections when you’re not in the right place mentally.

A real psychic confirms it

One sure fire way to know if you have an authentic deep spiritual relationship between you and someone else is to go and visit a tarot reader or a spiritual psychic. They can usually help you to achieve greater clarity in knowing whether you’ve truly found someone special.

If you practice spirituality, you’ll already be aware of the power that psychic mediums have. They can help us to view a deep understanding of ourselves on a spiritual level.

Feeling Secure

If your emotions are solid, you will be in the most comfortable place you have been. This feeling of security is often gained subconsciously from being in the company of new people that we trust totally and completely.

This strong connection that you may have developed with the other person can also give you a feeling of inner peace, like you’ve finally arrived at your destination.

Mutual Respect for Each Other

Every relationship is built on trust and a mutual respect of one another. Sometimes, you are listening to their words with intent to show that you are paying full attention, and they will do the same for you in return.

Your thoughts are valuable, and they make this known to you. It is an inherent feeling that will leave a lasting impression, as with all your love possibilities available, you choose to be with one another.

They bring out the best in you and your abilities

When someone finds it difficult to do things, sometimes another person can give you that extra energy or motivation to get things done. Without them, you could easily have failed. But, their energy helped push you over the finish line.

And the funny thing about this is that they don’t even necessarily need to do anything dramatic. It can be something as basic as chatting to you and making you feel heard, or helping you out when you’re struggling in life. When people get connected spiritually, they help the other develop their own life and see personal growth.

You’re instinctively drawn to them

Sometimes you can’t quite put into words the soul connection you have with someone else. Instead, it’s a gut feeling that instinctively draws you to them without you having a choice in the matter.

This instinctive desire to connect to another person can signal the existence of a true spiritual match. The gut instinct you have is rarely wrong in this matter, though this doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect, or easy. Even with your soul mate, you’re still going to have to make adjustments to your life.

You feel a strong attraction to them

Another indication that you have an inner connection with someone else is that you feel a very strong attraction to them, like a metal object to a magnet. This is more than just on a physical level, it’s on a mental level too.

When you are attracted to people in this way, it’s a good indication that they are spiritually connected to you – this is often very clear and apparent, even on the surface. These deep connections are hard to find, so you’ll be able to feel the difference when you do find them.

You feel a deep sense of peace and serenity when you’re around them

If you have two people in a spiritual connection with one another, they usually maintain a strong feeling of peace and relaxation. This is because their energy brings a sense of calmness that comes from the security you begin to feel within yourself.

It can often be due to affection or love too. If someone loves you, it can bring a feeling of serenity just knowing that another soul on this earth is in love with you.

Better Understanding of Yourself

When we are able to understand ourselves, then we are able to understand others more fully too. However when someone understands us, they can help us begin to understand ourselves better.

Sometimes, we have to look at ourselves from a different perspective. Your connection with another person can help you to view your experiences in other ways, especially if the other person comes from a different upbringing or culture than yours. Afterwards, you will understand how others in the world view you.

Increased Self-Awareness

Spiritually connected people must be vulnerable to let other people into their life. Having an openness with someone is an opportunity to discover something about yourself that you may have kept hidden the best you can.

With this, the self awareness you hold increases, and it can be genuinely helpful in your development and understanding of the world. The more deep conversations that you have with someone, the more self aware you are of your own opinions and thoughts.

Something inside of you is telling you that they are meant to be in your life

It is important that people feel that the spirit of their existence is connected to the person in question. You will likely have a deep feeling inside of you telling you that this person is part of your spiritual journey. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to have been in an intimate romantic relationship with them.

Maybe you are friends or are involved in their life in another way. This feeling may appear all the time or gradually. But if you have a true spiritual connection with someone, you usually know it from the bottom if your heart.

It Feels Like You’ve Known Them Forever

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it feels like you’ve known them all of your life? These kinds of people do not come into your life often, and when you meet them, things just suddenly feel like they make sense.

Developing a spiritual connection with someone is something that happens over time, but there’s often an initial click from the first time you talk to one another – like your spiritual journeys were always meant to become intertwined.

You support each other wholeheartedly

When we are focussed on our own growth, we connect with our souls. And when you focus on support the growth of another person, you create a bond with them that goes beyond a physical connection.

When both of you are genuinely passionate about seeing the other succeed in life, you know that you have a spiritual connection. Whether it’s your own issues or theirs, you get the feeling that you’ll always be able to face any problems that you encounter together.

You Share Morals and Values

When you have an emotional relationship with another person, you’re more likely to share the same perspective, and your values align with one another. Spiritual connections create a harmonious relationship between two kindred spirits that align without adversity or disagreements.

Maybe your personal core ethics or values are similar. This doesn’t mean that everything you like has the be exactly the same as one another, but it does mean that when you’re being your authentic self, the other person understands completely.

Deeper, Longer Conversations

Because they share the same values as you, you’re able to discuss things with this person that you can’t talk to anyone else about. You’d talk for hours on end if you could about your beliefs, your experiences, and how you see the future.

Some people wonder if there is a spiritual connection to other people. In romantic relationships at least, one of the best ways to tell if your relationship will last is to see how long you can talk with one another – the deeper, the better.

You Can Instinctively Tell if Something is Wrong

Although deep conversations are great, there are some things that can’t be said. Some things must be left up to instinct and inner connections that go beyond words. When something’s wrong, you can tell before they even need to say a word.

If you can tell something is wrong without the need for verbal communication, you clearly connect to each other on another level. This is often the best way to tell if you’ve got a spiritual connection with someone.