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When Your Passion Fire Fades to a Flicker

Exhaustion. Discouragement. Frustration. Distraction.

All these things and more can lead to the loss of the “on fire” feelings we once had. In my opinion, it’s just simply not possible to keep up a high intensity level for our passions, our daily pursuits, or even for our relationships. If your fire had faded somewhat, don’t worry. . . you’re not alone.

Failure is Popular

The most popular page on this site is currently the post I wrote about considering closing my blog. At first I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered by that or not. I couldn’t figure out why it so quickly became more popular than all my other posts and even beat out the page for my book that was previously the most visited page on my site.

In the end, I decided that the reason that post is getting so much traffic is because so many other people have been exactly in the same spot I was. Trying to make the tough decision on whether to give up something you previously felt so passionately about is a pretty common thing.

We’ve all heard statistics of how faded passions lead to unhappy endings:

  • Only 21% of bloggers continue blogging for their entire first year.
  • 40 – 50% of marriages end in divorce in America.
  • Approximately 40,000 U.S. businesses close their doors or file for bankruptcy each month.

It Take More Than Passion to Keep the Fire Going

Sometimes it takes some stubborn hard will to survive. We can’t always rely on our feelings. Feeling change and feelings fade. I never feel like decluttering, admitting when I’m wrong, or giving up sleep to work on a project. However, if it’s necessary then that’s what I choose to do. The same stubbornness that can drive me crazy in my kids is exactly the same stubbornness that it takes to bust through challenges, bad moods, and tough times.

Sometimes it takes jumping in with both feet. The easy gentle approach is sometimes wise and yet sometimes it keeps us from committing to get the job done. Don’t just go through a junk drawer, clean out your whole kitchen! Don’t just think about what you want to be someday, do something about it today! Redo your resume, go write a chapter for your book, or go strap on your running shoes and get moving!

Sometimes it take admitting you were wrong. There will be times when you must change your course and evaluate your decisions. That should never be seen as failure . . . that is true growth. Learning from our mistakes and experiences is how we build wisdom. We can take that new knowledge and go after our goals with a whole new intensity level.

Sometimes it just takes time. I am as impatient as the next person. I want to see results fast. I want those numbers on the scale to go down quicker and I’d love to see my websites grow faster. But sometimes it just takes time and patience. Keep reminding yourself that baby steps are still progress in the right direction. One change affects the other and the results trickle down into other areas of our lives.

So don’t worry if your fire has faded a little. If it’s something that’s truly important to you, then give it some time and keep up the hard work. It won’t always be fun and yes, sometimes failure is inevitable. In the end, only you can decide how to proceed.

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Article originally published on 05/05/2011

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  1. I think that everyone can relate to this. I seem to find myself often in the “stubborn hard will” part and wonder if I’m being determined or obstinate. Sometimes it’s a fine line. 🙂

  2. Hi Faith,

    This is another great post! You’re back with a vengeance. 😉

    It’s hard for me to be patient a lot of the time. I always expect things to move faster than they actually do. Like you said, adopting an attitude that any small step in the right direction is progress, really helps.

    And yes, I’ve been in the same place as you were with a previous blog I wrote. I ended up abandoning it all together when I became so overwhelmed with a new job and a new pregnancy that I could barely keep my head above water. It was a great learning experience, but I hope to never be in that position again. I wasn’t really passionate about my subject and felt that I was mainly blogging for potential employers and networking opportunities. It just wasn’t me.

  3. True words here – feelings give us some good clues and lead us to evaluate. And our gut is rarely wrong. But sometimes it’s worth sitting with something for a while, however uncomfortable, to see what shifts, changes, unfolds …

  4. Alooha! So glad to get the chance to pop over from my email subscription and see what’s happening here. Great post and so timely for many Faith; you hit the nail on the head!!

  5. I am right there with you Faith. I have struggled with the fire fading and changing and morphing into something different. Just like the feelings of being overwhelmed, it is good if we can be open with one another and honest when this happens to us.
    What we REALLY want for Mothers Day

  6. I can’t say thank you enough! I never thought of comparing my passions in life to something like my marriage. I’ve always thought of marriage as a decision, not a feeling. And the same goes for raising kids. What if I don’t FEEL like doing their laundry? Should I just let them go to school wearing dirty clothes? Of course not. What if I don’t FEEL like I’m in love with my husband one day because we’re in a fight? Should I go out and have an affair? Of course not. And, thanks to you, I can now answer the question, “What if I lose that lovin’ feeling for my passion?” with a resounding, “Choose”. Choose to persevere, choose to love, and choose to become the best person you can.

  7. Sometimes it just takes friends to hand you new blog post ideas on a silver platter. It is hard to stop a blog when you have so much material that you feel compelled to write about.


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